Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Concert art of Newt

The concept art from Pixar's infamously cancelled picture Newt. Originally scheduled to be released in Summer 2011, then moved to 2012, the film was supposed to be the first Pixar feature directed by sound designer Gary Rydstrom, who previously directed the short film Lifted.

These images, created by Pixar art director/character designer Jason Deamer (IMDb page) appear to have been released by Deamer himself--presumably with Pixar's permission, as artists often do after production on a project has wrapped.
[ via pixarblog]

BRAVE Concept Art

"In many ways, Pixar’s 13th feature-length movie Brave (out June 22, 2012) ventures into new territory for the animation studio: The Scotland-set adventure film will be Pixar’s first fairy tale, its first picture starring a female protagonist, and its first film co-directed by a woman. " Disney/Pixar just released this brand new piece of concept art from Brave recntly.

The lead character, Princess Merida.

[ via pixarplanet ]

Joy Of Destruction

Human like to destroy to have fun...

JOY OF DESTRUCTION from Xaver Xylophon on Vimeo.

A film about the human drive to destroy and the absurd entertaining value that's attached to it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ZEITGUISED's Publicis Contagious Ads

Cool CG art which is self promotion ads in an issue of Contagious Magazine by ZEITGUISED, Viral ideas on gadgets, fashion and autos, visualized in false-color nanoscopy. The color is very unique!

[ via zeitguised ]
Previously more CG art from zeitguised

Monday, March 28, 2011

‘Machine Civilization’ – World Order

Sudo's message in the YouTube video description: "The unprecedented disasters unfolding in Japan; earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear explosions, will somehow change things to come. And to send my message about this, I have expressed it here with WORLD ORDER. These disasters can be interpreted as a turning point for civilization. I think that we have arrived at a time of revolution, shared with all the people of the world, in today's society, economy, and political systems. Incidents themselves are neutral.
I believe that every single one of us, wandering through this deep darkness, can overcome anything, if only we let go of our fear, and face the it all in a positive light. The world is not going to change. Each one of us will change. And if we do, then yes, the world will be changed. It is darkest right before the dawn. Let's all rise up to welcome the morning that will be so very bright for mankind. WE ARE ALL ONE"

Genki Sudo

Sunday, March 27, 2011

2 More Sucker Punch Animated Shorts

Sucker Punch Animated Short "Distant Planet"

Sucker Punch Animated Short Feudal Warriors Trailer

Synopsis: Presenting animated shorts inspired by Zack Snyder's new film, Sucker Punch. Director Zack Snyder and animator Ben Hibon collaborated with Comflix Studios to further explore the fantasy worlds in the film. The animated shorts provide a distinct glimpse into those surreal places, allowing people to experience the worlds in a very unique way. "It made sense to me to not only approach the worlds from an original direction in terms of story and focus," says Snyder, "but also to really push the visual style in a different direction as well. Having seen his contribution to the latest Harry Potter film and looking at some of his other recent work, Ben's talent was obvious and his aesthetic felt like a perfect fit. His work is graphic and visually arresting." Hibon relished an opportunity to expand upon Snyder's unique vision. "Zack is one of the most exciting and original directors working in Hollywood today. Sucker Punch is nothing short of pure visual madness." DISTANT PLANET: In Sucker Punch, the girls find themselves on another planet battling a robot militia on a hijacked train. In "Distant Planet" events unfold from the perspective of the robot hijackers leading up to the girls' arrival. Sometimes those with less have more to fight for...

Check my previous posts about another 2 Sucker Punch animated shorts

Kill Bill Poster by Joshua Budich
Kill Bill Poster by Joshua Budich

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Game Man
The game boy is all grown up to a Game Person, funny graphic designed by Jonah Block for rad shirt design over at J!NX.

Kung Fu Panda 2 New Characters

There are new CG render character images from Kung Fu Panda 2, check it out. These new characters are still deigned by Nicolas Marlet. They look so cool!

I like this new character the best.

Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda 2 will be released in theaters on May 26, 2011.
official movie website :

Worth to check out the nice character design work by Nicolas Marlet on Kung Fu Panda here

The Anatonmy of A Cupcake
[ via allenhemberger ]

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sucker Punch Animated Short - "Trenches" and "Dragon"

Kaman Rider, Stay Strong !!

Most of the buildings at Ishinomaki City collapsed after earthquake and wave attack... However the Mask Rider status is still safe with iconic hero pose. Hope this statue encourage Japan to stay strong!

[ via tokyo-sports ]

Spacer Invaders Skull

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Interactive Video Projection Mapping Animal Sculptures

Projection mapping has been used for many outdoor advertisement recently, and now it was used on a sculpture, the effect is pretty stunning, check it out:

"Both sculptures were projected with mapped visuals. New in this project was the interactive part. The spectators were able to control the visuals projected by a custom made cubicle with motion sensors and buttons. By tilting the cubicle the color of the visuals changed and the buttons were used to skip through the visuals and to create other effects like blending and scratching. The sculptures are made entirely out of wood and can be disassembled to smaller pieces which are more easy to transport."

'Welcome into the future' Sober Industries x Studio Rewind from SOBER-INDUSTRIES on Vimeo.

[ via colossal ]

Ginoyoong, Happy Birthday
Surprise!!!! Wish you have a wonderful Birthday! (You should give a big hug to your lovely Rachel XXD )

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Decorated Gas Tank In Japan

Nicotan (mascot of Shibata Gas) -- Shibata, Niigata prefecture [via]

Watermelon -- Tomisato, Chiba prefecture [via]

Soccer ball -- Kiryū, Gunma prefecture [via]

Tokkikki (Niigata prefectural mascots) -- Niigata [via]

Ouchi dolls -- Yamaguchi prefecture [via]
There are more pictures at pinktentacle

Art to Support Japan

Artists from different places to express love and support for Japan through their art. I put some of them together and share below. Some of them are running fund raising for donation.
by Kordelia

by Andrea Castelletti
by ONGoingDrifter13
by Gallistero

by suzuharu
by uzu-maki
James White

by anonimus-kyreii
by blacklabelwood
by Dan Matutina
JAPAN **Tsunami Appeal**

by dj-neogirl

by hujogafe

by GrahamH220

by Everlongdesign

by soulatech

by ChaseJC


by imcreative

by MiseryLolita

Gavin Strange

by Nakanishi

By lonelypeopleart
by Shanx

See more Art here
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