Saturday, October 31, 2009

East Meets West: An Infographic Portrait

I always like the infographics how impressive, straightforward and powerful to bring out a message. The following brilliant infographic series Chinese-born, German-raised designer Yang Liu is a good example! It depicts cultural differences between Eastern & Western mentalities.

Lifestyle: Independent vs. dependent

The volume of sound in a restaurant

Problem-solving approach

Size of the individual's ego

How to stand in line

Complexity of self-expression
[via Brain Pickings]


KRINK Mini Cooper S | A Detailed Look

KRINK Mini Cooper S
Legendary New York street artist Craig “KR” Costello customized a Mini Cooper S with his signature KRINK aesthetic. The car was shown today at Erste Liebe Bar in Hamburg, Germany. A vernissage takes place at Vicious Gallery on October 31st.

See more photos at the gallery site and visit KRINK. I love his work, especially the original drip street art and this laptop sleeve.

MINI x> Halloween Poster

This are the posters for 3rd annual Motor-Tober celebration in Oct. Theat's very fun how mini images combined Halloween. : )

[via Motoring File]

Coca-Cola Zéro : Happy Kingdom

Here is the latest creation of the agency Ogilvy Buenos Aires in Argentina under the direction of Gastón Bigio and artistic director Jonathan Gurviez we had found previously with the video Coca-Cola Big Splas in France.



cocazero3[via Pixiome]

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NTT x Tetsujin 28 CM


A short TV commercial for NTT Docomo wireless internet featuring a modern interpretation of the Tetsujin 28 can be seen in NTT's stylish website. The website was very well design, you can find cool wall papers there. Nice AD! via: Anime News Network

Writing Rules Poster...

thats's fun... now I have to go to write something XD

AstroBoy comic cover by Ashley Wood

2 cover illustrations did by Ashley Wood are very cool! Check below...

Monday, October 26, 2009

10 Things Parents Should Know About Astro Boy

this is a very interesting review on Wired Magazine:

Will I like it?
Yes. Unless of course you hate robots then maybe not. There is a lot to this story that will appeal to the entire audience and a good mix of side stories that appeal to kids or parents.

Will my kids like it?
Absolutely. I don’t believe there is a kid alive that won’t like this film. The story is exciting, full of suspense, and intrigue without being startling or too scary.

What’s the geek appeal?
Robots, super hero action, morality plays, and a good dose of advanced technology. Also, plenty of nostalgia for us older geeks and a chance to share some of our past in a form our kids will enjoy.

Who’s in it again?
Kristen Bell, Nicolas Cage, Samuel L. Jackson, and plenty more. The voice actors all fit the part, and did a great job. The animated characters in the movie all carried some likeness to their voice actors, except maybe Zog, he didn’t look much like Samuel L. Jackson.

Any memorable previews?
A couple that didn’t appear either memorable, or for kids. A very short teaser for “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” that might be good. “Old Dogs”: A comedy with Robin Williams and John Travolta that could be funny if they didn’t use up all the funny scenes in the trailer. “Spy Next Door”: Another comedy with Jackie Chan, Billy Ray, and George Lopez. This one looks like a cross between Spy Kids and Rush Hour.

Will kids want to see it again?
Yes, again, and again. Mine are both talking about catching it in the cheaper local theater in a couple weeks.

Does it ruin the original manga?
Not at all. Though I must admit I haven’t seen the original Japanese series (first aired in 1963), but I did thouroughly enjoy the US release in the 80s. A few plot points, like Toby’s death (and even his name) have been updated but overall it remains true to the original, and may even surpass it in some ways.

Is it a rip-off of the old Pinocchio story?
Certainly not. While some reviews have drawn that analogy, I think they are wrong. For starters, Astro is a lot more than a dim witted wooden doll that likes to lie. I’m also certain that Geppetto never dreamed of putting machine guns in any of his creations, let alone in their butt.

It’s PG, but how PG is it?
Not very. There is plenty of action, peril, and some mild language, but neither of my kids or their friend were scared by it. I don’t know if the creators pulled a few punches, but the darkest and most intense parts of the movie still remained optimistic and possibly a little predictable.

What’s the best time for a bathroom break?
There is really only one good time to take a break. Just past the half-way point when Astro Boy uses his blue energy for the first time. You have about 4-5 minutes before the action starts back up.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


《阿童木》10月23日歸來 七大看點全解析
...據媒體表示《阿童木》的中國元素比《功夫熊貓》更多,像阿童木最好的伙伴是中國小朋友,而最滑稽的那只機器狗──垃圾桶也產自中國,它為了揭露阿童木身份 居然在沙土上刨出『他是機器人』的漢字。而片中還有很多商店的店招和標語都是用中文寫的。此外,阿童木的性格也很中國,片中的阿童木含蓄,跟女友歌娜是細 水長流的低調感情,跟父親天馬博士則是『愛你在心口難開』式的溝通方式。此前,在《阿童木》舉行的媒體試映會上,大多數記者在看完片後都表示《阿童木》超 出了他們原本的想像,飽yt溫情與誠意,喚起一代人對童年美好時光的集體回憶。



. 纯粹、干净的动画电影 不一样的娱乐冲击






《阿童木》即將上映 海外媒體好評如潮
闲周刊:30年后阿童木翻拍 变与不变

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Astro Happy Meal Toys

These set of McDonald's AstroBoy happy meal toys will be release very soon in US. You can see more detail on, including the action features of each of these individual toys.
via Astroboy world

AstroBoy TV Spot (US)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

AstroBoy Movie Promotion @ HK

There is a AstroBoy Promotional Event "阿童木夢想實驗室" (AstroBoy Dream Lab) was set up at TsuenWan Plaza in HK. The voice actors of Mr.Tenma and Astroboy were there. There are many interesting set up and games there. It lasts until the end of Oct. Go to take a look if y0u have time.

Aron Kwok, voice actor of Dr.Tenma

Flying Astroboy at the backdrop. (he looks little too tall than the design, especially the neck...)

Kids love to take photo with AstroBoy

wow! 2 AstroBoys

Interactive games.

Blue core enegry means +ve energy, thats what we need now!

1:1 Orin

Thanks Mable to provide photos.

AstroBoy at Diamond Hill Shopping Mall, it occupy the wall above elevators

AstroBoy on Bus, I saw the TAXI version, but I am not fast enough to take photo

Huge Billboard at MongKok
See AstroBoy big billboards in NY
AstroBoy AD in Japan

Sunday, October 11, 2009

John Ottman's ASTRO BOY

Diego Navarro conducts the Tenerife Film Orchestra & Choir, performing selections from John Ottman's score to ASTRO BOY on July 24, 2009 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
As I remember, this is the theme song in the movie when he found the new power. Very Touching!

《阿童木》創港奇迹 許勝不許敗 票房決定意馬命運 動畫師飯碗




高偉豪:成功發圍 超額圓夢





夢工場主管 辭厚職回港冒險





轉載自: [ 湯財文庫文章]

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Only 11 more days to go, people around me keep discussing about the box office, I hope it does well. Hey Astro, pleass fly as high as much you can!!
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