Monday, September 14, 2009

AstroBoy AD in Japan

One of animator just visited from Japan recently and bring this print AD "The Atom Times". It looks nice.

Also the outdoor AD is already up in Japan. These two were taken at Shibuya Station in Tokyo, one of the key public transportation hubs and entertainment/shopping areas in Japan. Thanks Kadokawa for the images.

I think there should be more, if fans find any new Atom promotional materials, please send me and i can share with everyone here.

By the way, Atom Movie Website is updated and completed, it looks cool! you can also see the new Japanese version full trailer there.


Kena said...

Here is the (ASTRO BOY) in Taiwan:

This is for you~Enjoy~


felix ip said...

Thanks a lot, Kena!!!

Twins Stifani said...

Astro Atom boy adds looked so great in Japan. WOW!

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