Sunday, September 06, 2009

Brilliant Negative Space Illustrations by Noma Bar




I love how graphic designer Noma Bar play eith the negative space on his clever illustrations. These are some examples of his new book Negative Space. In this book Bar focuses on subject matter ranging from sex, global warming and nuclear warfare to religion, crime and corporate greed. Recommended!!

Noma Bar Bios: "Born in Israel into a highly artistic family, Noma Bar, graduated in 2000 from the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design with a B.DES Bachelor of Graphic & Type Design. Now based in London he describes his craft as visual communication, combining the skills of artist, illustrator and designer. His two stunning and highly acclaimed books, The Many Faces of Noma Bar and Negative Space have become a must have for design school library's and tutors.

Noma's development process takes place in the sketchbook, going on to digitally produce finished work on the computer once the idea is fully conceptualized. The duel strategies of his practice, efficiency and humour, come from a keen understanding of how the brain accesses and understands imagery.

With a limited pallet he subtlety and precisely manipulates shape and form where familiar symbols and pictograms evolve to form new meaning. Negative and positive spaces tessellate creating several images in one, that sometimes need a few moments to see the embedded, sometimes poignant, message. Noma uses this technique to its best effect when dealing with social and political issues. Subjects such as nuclear warfare, corporate greed and national identity are illustrated with a hidden twist of humour. His portraits merge the subject's features, with images that epitomise their fame, to form an instantly recognisable face.

“I am after the maximum communication with minimum elements”

Noma's ingenuity in turning complexity into simplicity exemplifies this idea and his dedication to his own principles means Noma continues to achieve his personal challenge, time and time again, with universal elegance."

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