Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yona Yona Penguin

Yona Yona Penguin, directed by Rintaro which is the first computer animated theatrical production directed by noted anime company MADHOUSE Studios, aims to be a gentle stimulation of both childhood panic and anticipation. The final product of which sports high-quality texture design and a benevolent reliance upon settings that may as well have taken place in a European fairytale.

Reportedly produced on a budget ranging at USD $12-$13 million or slightly higher, Yona Yona Penguin comes in at a few obvious pegs lower than computer animated flicks typically emerging from western territories with greater resources at their disposal.

Yona Yona Penguin

Japan Trailer

I just know that the animated CG animated movie was already released in Japan December 2009. Actaully we have worked a little bitt on this project at the very beginning. [via] [previous post]

Friday, January 29, 2010

Imagi Closed LA Office

I've just come back from vacation and heard about the bad news about imagi... Imagi LA Office closed down last Saturday on 23 Jan, more information can be found on Anime News Network.
I feel very sad and sorry about that, and I hope HK office can still going well, I have lots of friends are still working there, if imagi closed down, they are not only going to lose the job, but also the "career". I don't really want that happen. I don't want to say anything bad more about that.... I better shut up and let this illustration express what my feeling...

Good luck...


This is based on the Series 1 wooden figures by Mimushi. Each one of which is hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. The materials used for the figures are all natural so it’s really environmentally-friendly.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Graffiti art by Meggs

Emotional Graffiti art Australian artist Meggs. His early artistic development was influenced by the cartoons, comics & sci-Fi films of the 1980’s. Fuelling his vivid imagination and creating a passion for superheroes, fantasy characters and bold colourful graphics, such as those found on toy packaging and video covers. This soon developed into a passion for skateboarding culture and interest in graffiti art and graphic design.



Meggs’ work references the nostalgia of childhood heroes and villains, exploring the notion of ‘duality’ and an on-going question of morals, rights and authorities. Reflecting on personal experience Meggs produces energetic depictions of heroes, villains, and subverted collages of pop culture symbology. You can check more his work on his website/blog, in addition, you’ll find plenty more work on his Flickr

Stephanie Metz




Stephanie Metz is a sculptor whose innovative work in felted wool has garnered international attention. Her sculpture, focused on the relationship between humans and the natural world, fuses sharp wit, thoughtful observation, and careful craftsmanship in an unusual material to blur the line between art and science, natural and unnatural, organic and man-made.


Sculpture and Installation by Julie Levesque



Through sculpture and installation, Julie Levesque has been building a body of work that is primarily concerned with motion and the fluid transformation of energy into inanimate objects. The imprint of this emotion distorts their shapes creating a narrative of the essence of the people who have had contact with them. Slumped, eroded or enlarged, emotion/energy is made visible in ways that never physically show in the body but reside there nonetheless. Working almost exclusively in white, she creates tension and contradiction by draining the color out of these energized objects.




Shark Soup

A shark in my soup bowl by Apostolos Porsanidis. Love it, nice design.p


The Aquarium Phone Booth

Artists Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino transformed an ordinary phone booth into a lit up aquarium during Lyon Light Festival in France. The artists said: “With the advent of the mobile telephone, telephone booths lie unused. We rediscover this glass cage transformed into an aquarium, full of exotically coloured fish; an invitation to escape and travel.“

aquarium phone booth

aquarium phone booth

via: The Pirata

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

AstroBoy Tin Toy Chick

I found these AstroBoy Tin Chick on ebay. They are total with 30, look nice but actually I don't know who produced them and I wonder it got officially licensed or not...
You may also interest in reading "
Crazy Astro Vehicle Toys" at Astroboy World

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shadow Art

Amazing shadow art produced by Kumi YAMASHITA. These beautiful silhouettes are created by simple objects and lighting only, no photo retouching.

Feather, 2006

Profile, 1994

Clouds, 2005

Friday, January 22, 2010

"Everybody Hurts" - Don't Drive After Drink!

On December 10th 1989 the first TAC commercial went to air. In that year the road toll was 776; by last year 2008 it had fallen to 303.
A five minute retrospective of the campaigns produced by the TAC over the last 20 years has been compiled. The montage features iconic scenes and images from commercials that have helped change they way we drive, all edited to the moving song Everybody Hurts by REM.

This campaign is a chance to revisit some of the images that have been engraved on our memories, remember the many thousands of people who have been affected by road trauma and remind us all that for everyones sake; please, drive safely.
Transport Accident Commission Victoria.

I think these clips of accident can really REMIND us! I was scared when watch the middle part of clips...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cute Wooden Carpanter Tool Set

Wooden tools for wood craft? This cute Carpenter Tool Set Toy is just for collection. Seems there is a limitation edition you can order online WEB SHOP put your (or your kids) name on each tool.

Cute Little Pig

Kingsford Goes to the Beach -
a very cute little Pig!

Leaked Photos of New MINI Countryman

Above are the leak photos of new MINI Countryman leaked from Kilometer magazine. Officially It should not to be shown to the public until March in Geneva, the Countryman was scheduled for an internet debut in a few weeks. As it stands now it’ll be interesting to see how MINI handle this leak and if they release the rest of the information of photos.
You can check the driving video here

MINI Camouflage Foil.

wow. MINI has officially released the first teaser video of the R60 crossover. Foe the new 2010 MINI, with four doors, an optional four-wheel drive, four single seats, the first MINI to exceed four meters in length... is that too long?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Amazing Characters by Mark Gmehling

First time i see this set of characters, i feel in love immediately!! This is awesome, I like the graphic arrangement composition combined with 3d render presentation.
[via Behance]
You can find more crazy characters at Mike Gmehling's website

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Star Wars x adidas Originals by Dorothy Tang

Which was put on display at the adidas Originals Beijing store opening. This time around, Tang drew inspiration from vintage Chinese film posters and adapted the posters’ rustic colors and penchant for drama into new fusion film creations, and dressed her iconic “Shopping Baby” up as various Star Wars characters. [via]
see Dorothy's Shopping Baby x Gatchaman
More interesting images of Star War x adidas

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kamen Rider Decade The Movie : All Riders VS DaiShocker

I don't know much about Kamen Rider Decade, and I don't like the design... but this scene is cool and recall my memory!!

Thats more Shadowmoon in this one and the Rider-KickSSS from all the KamenRiders are cool!!

I like Woooood

I always like the woody stuffs, not only furniture, products but also sculpture and toys... check the following woody figures I found. : )

collectible figurine, eco collectible, eco collectible doll, eco collectible toy, green collectible.pecanpal fanelli, pecan pal, pecan pals, pecanpal, pecanpals, signed limited edition pecanpals print

collectible figurine, eco collectible, eco collectible doll, eco collectible toy, green collectible.pecanpal fanelli, pecan pal, pecan pals, pecanpal, pecanpals, signed limited edition pecanpals print

The sustainable wood figurines Pecanpals collection of eco-friendly collectible toys were dreamed up by artists Candy and Nick of Noferin studio, very cute.


Josh Finkle’s handcrafted wooden toys of recently extinct animals are lovely. The bandicoot, in particular, is just about the cutest thing ever.

Wooden Toy Birds

Modern Classic ToysThese nice classic wooden birds designed by Kristian Vedel. [via]

[cande-turino.jpg]More cute characters in wood made by a Japan artist Takeji Nakagawa. see more in previous post.

enzo1.jpgThis beautiful Enzo Mari Animal Puzzles is found on Wright
This the mass produced wood figure for DIY paint. You can order online
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