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我發覺每年聖誕節我都會不其然地畫雪人,而且必定有一幅是"雪人扮鹿"... 真奇怪,是潛意識還是有某些情意結?


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Happy Birthday to Sefine

MS-06S is having a mission in Toronto right now, best wishes to her and her family. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas... :)

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Movie Mistakes? -TMNT

I've just found a website called "", it finds out all kinds of mistakes from movies, that seems interesting. Below are mistakes from TMNT (2007)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Factual error: Splinter's ear does not ever reveal his injury incurred from his first encounter with The Shredder where the top half of his left ear was cut off.

Continuity: In the scene where Jones is hauling in general Agilus he knocks over a vase, when the camera returns to show April rubbing her forehead the box with the general is missing and neither April nor Jones has moved.

Factual error: In the scene at April's apartment after Raphael is wounded, Donny pulls the blade out of Raph's shell and hands it to April. When she examines it, she says that the general became immortal through the stars of Kikan and his generals were turned to stone and that he lived for eternities in regret to revive his brotherhood. The stone should not have spoken of the myth since the general was frozen in stone for 3000 years.

Plot hole: Leo was captured as the 13th monster with 4 foot soldiers present. They heard the generals talking about how Winters won't know the difference. Winters should have been informed about Leo from Karai as she stated the foot work for Winters. Karai seems to know the turtles history and the foot report to her.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Do you agree with those points listed above?? you can see more other movie mistakes here.

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Exclusive Gatchaman Interview at IESB

IESB has exclusive first-look storyboard-images of the upcoming here
- Gatchaman-movie coverage GATCHMAN animated film
(from IMAGI) including an exclusive interview with director; Kevin Munroe


- "stay as close as possible to the original versions but at the same time add some sleekness to it so it’s not just “tights.”

- “I try to describe it to people, it’s not cartoon-ey and it’s not photo-real. It’s really pushing the western style of animation, something very cool and different.”

- “Fans of the tv show will remember that they never talked about how the Gatchaman started, how the war between the Gatchaman and Galactor started... What was the first invasion like…”

- co-director Tom Tanaka adds: “So this is ... the prequel to the TV show in a sense, and the idea that the mythology of the Gatchaman is not just restricted to technology, there is a mystical aspect as well.”


- “We’ve got a couple of key characters, and bad things happen to them, a key character dies at one point..."

- The Phoenix (Gatchaman's mothership) "flames up" and comes complete with signature bay doors, and it’s not completely re-imagined or redesigned, but it has a modern and “fast” look and feel ... the flame transformation of the ship comes at a pivotal and climatic point in the story.


- “It’s an origin story. We’re going through, we’re adding mythology.”

- “We’ve got politics, terrorism, the island is the beacon of hope and the Gatchaman become the symbol of that hope for all of mankind because it takes what happens in this movie to united everybody together to fight back. It’s bigger than just a simple alien invasion story…”

- "We find our heroes at the end of Act 1, with a completely destroyed city after the aforementioned alien invasion. There’s no place to go but bigger! ... Act 3 blows the invasion away."


ON WHAT TO EXPECT at SanDiaoComicCon 2008:
Munroe says he would like “A big presence [at Comic Con], it’d be cool to reveal what the suits look like to everyone. A trailer would be great. It’s just up to what Warners wants to do and what Imagi wants to do.”

the above article is edited from: TOYSREVIL
read the entire interview at IESB packed with more details and revelations

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Dark Knight Costume

Check this new Batman costume of Dark Knight from a French Magazine CineLive [source]
It looks pretty cool eventhough is little complicated. I know Takara is planning to re-release their 1/6 Batman! But I am looking for the Hottoys one!

besides, you can see the Dark Knight Trailer here

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Ironman international poster

This is Ironman international poster via cinelive. I like this because nothing complicated, just a very simple pose with good composition and good lighting, but still cool.

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TMNT movie sequel news...

There is some news about TMNT2 from the blog "the 5th turtle"
I wonder how can they know that so fast...
More TMNT2 news here

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Gatchaman PS Shooting Game

I've just found this from internet, there is a Gatchaman shooting game for Playstation published by Bandai in 2002.

Introduction screenshot:

Game screenshot:

Game cover artwork:

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MUTI-ME 胡思亂想

Muti-me 胡思亂想 01
屋企人常常笑我不能一心二用,又無記性。駕車時不能與人談話;工作時不能聽歌;思考時聽不到別人對我說話... 似乎我只能在同一時間專心做一件事。究竟是我太專心還是真的一心不能二用?

但是不知幾時開始,我的工作往往都是Muti-task,常常都要同一時間內處理多項不同的工作... 不斷地轉Channel哈哈,你話點算?? 如我 profile 所寫 : 能全神貫注地專心做好一件事的人是種幸福...


Muti-me 胡思亂想 02


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News from Imagi on finance...


Wednesday, 05 December 2007 Imagi to use convertible bond placement to finance production of its future films, including Astro Boy and Gatchaman

Hong Kong (December 5, 2007) – Imagi International Holdings, Limited (HKSE Stock Code: 585 (“Imagi”) today announced the placement of HK$406 million in convertible bonds. The lead investor is Singapore-based Oxley Capital Group, with other investors including CQS Capital (London) and Winnington Capital (Hong Kong).

Imagi will use the proceeds from the convertible bond placement to finance production of its future films, including Astro Boy and Gatchaman, both scheduled for release in 2009. The films will be distributed globally by Warner Brothers and The Weinstein Company.

The zero coupon convertible bonds HKD $2 million in denomination with three year maturities. Conversion price is HKD $1.768, representing a 25% conversion premium over current market price. Assuming full conversion, the bonds would represent a stake of approximately 12.3% in Imagi, on a fully diluted basis.

“Imagi produces top-quality, Hollywood-style animated movies at significantly lower costs than its US-based competitors,” said Mark Pawley, a Director at Oxley Capital. “The economics are compelling, as are the management team, the films in production, and the upside potential of the company.”

“Imagi is pleased to welcome Oxley Capital and CQS to our investor roster,” said Douglas Glen, Co-CEO of Imagi. “They are respected investors with reputations for adding significant value to their portfolio companies.”

* assumes exchange rate of HK$7.80 to US$1.00


I don't quite get what does it mean exactly...but I think thats a good news to the company...

Astro boy Manga by Osamu Tezuka

I've just found some useful information on Astroboy... share with fans here.

[Astro Boy] originated as a manga in 1951 by Osamu Tezuka, who is often reputed as the "god of manga".
[1] After enjoying success abroad, Astro Boy was remade in the 1980s as Shin Tetsuwan Atomu, known as Astroboy in the United States and other Western countries, and again in 2003. For a time, Astro Boy enjoyed a level of popularity in Japan equivalent to Disney's image character Mickey Mouse

Astro Boy is created by the tragic Dr. Tenma in this Manga version of Astro Boy.

Astro Boy is a sci-fi series set in a futuristic world where androids co-exist with humans. Its focus is on the adventures of the titular "Astro Boy" (or simply "Astro"), a powerful robot created by the head of the Ministry of Science Doctor Tenma (dubbed Dr. Boynton in the first series English anime and Professor Balfus in the Canadian dub of the second series) to replace his son Tobio (or Astor Boyton III in the first series English anime, Toby in the remake of the first series English anime). After Tobio died in a car accident, Dr. Tenma built Astro in Tobio's image and treated him as lovingly as if he were the real Tobio, but soon realized that the little android could not fill the void of his lost son, especially since Astro couldn't grow or express human aesthetics (in one set of panels, Astro is shown preferring the mechanical shapes of cubes over the organic shapes of flowers). In the original 1960 edition, Tenma rejected Astro and sold him to a cruel circus owner, Hamegg (also called Caccitore), who abused the performers. In the 1980 edition, Astro naïvely signed himself away to the circus owner.

While Astro languished in Hamegg's circus, Professor Ochanomizu (Dr. Packadermus J. Elefun in the first series & second series, Prof. Peabody in the Canadian dub of the second series, and Dr. O'Shay in the third series), the new head of the Ministry of Science, noticed Astro Boy performing in the circus. He managed to make Hamegg turn Astro over to him. He brought Astro along and treated him gently and warmly, becoming his legal guardian. He soon realized that Astro was gifted with superior powers and skills, as well as the ability to experience human emotions.

Astro then fought crime, evil and injustice. Most of his enemies were robot-hating humans, robots gone berserk, or alien invaders. Each story almost always included a big robot battle involving Astro.
The series explored issues of morality, responsibility, racism, prejudice, true heroism, and loss.

i feel like that above elements should be the very basic and must elements of Astroboy movie, probably the Astroboy movie should keep all those...
more information at of Astro boy at wikipedia

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TMNT Nominated For Annie Award

TMNT has been nominated for an Annie Award in the category of Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production

Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production
Don Hall – ‘Meet The Robinsons’ – Walt Disney Feature Animation
Denise Koyama – “Surf’s Up” – Sony Pictures Animation
Ted Mathot – “Ratatouille” – Pixar Animation Studios
Sean Song – “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” – IMAGI Animation Studios
Nassos Vakalis – “Bee Movie” – DreamWorks Animation

Good Luck, Sean !!! We are so proud of you!

New IRONMAN movie images

Besides Batman, Ironman used to be my one of the favorite superhero. At the begining i don't like the design of Ironman... I start loving it after i saw the trailer, above are some cool images of Ironman
Ironman official sites

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GastroBoy 2

ha, you can see his eye in this version... he seems naughty.

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Kamen Rider The Next Trailer

香港首個仮面ライダー展覽今天是最後一天,這陣子實在太忙也太累、加上荃灣對於我這個住在香港東人來說是有點遠,終於沒有去。 之前朋友邀請我參展,其實也很想參加,可惜時間實在太少...希望想過的點子日後可在這裡貼上。
如果邊位友人去了,可否post些相片來看看? Thanksss

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Batman Chapter 01 Help Me!!!

This is the First episode of Isaak Fernandez Rodriguez short film.
Very moody and fun, it is a very good example on playing with moody lighting with simple shapes , cool!!
You can see his introduction and more good short films here:

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Burning Safari

很喜歡的一條短片,不論設計及技術都有很高的水準。包你看得開心 !
他還有個網站,有很多 concept art 及 making of 的圖片及片段。

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Crazy Days !!

thats enough... give me a break !


頂唔住! 壓力太大有時會自言自語鬼食泥或忽然鬼上身似的大叫長嘆~ 嚇死人

在此請各方好友原諒我在段日子在工作上的反應極度"遲鈍",變成了最討厭的"樽頸"位。sorry! 也多謝在身邊一直替我分擔工作又分憂的好同伴 ! Million Thanks


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Limited Toy Design's G-force action figures

Gatchaman (G-force) action figures designed by Limited Toys Design , see more detail information in Wendy's Gatchablog.

all photos above sourced from Gatchablog

For me, this is cool but i will wait for the HotToys version.
More picture and information from TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOY

Limited Edition Softbank Gatchaman Cell Phones


Check out these Gatchaman limited edition cell phone designs. In addition to these variety graphics style of shells, all the icons and notifications on-screen are themed. The Classic Gatchaman !!

Clockwise from top left: menu screen, screensaver, text message notification, incoming call notification.

Kasley & DenMark

今天11月10日是 Kasley & DenMark 的大喜喜日子,在此祝福他倆永遠幸福快樂 ◎ DenMark 大個仔啦 !

。好幸福呀! (opss, 手震... sorry)

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Imagi > Graphic Novel


Imagi Animation Studios has picked up rights to a sci-fi screenplay titled
Fluorescent Black from Matt Wilson. According to Daily Variety, the script will be adapted as a graphic novel before being made into a film by the studio that produced TMNT and upcoming CG features based on the classic anime properties Astroboy and Gatchaman.

Fluorescent Black is described as a futuristic action flick is畫 set in Singapore and the Malaysian peninsula. The graphic novel is expected to be finished by mid-2008 and is slated to grace the cover of the July edition of Heavy Metal magazine. While Imagi’s previous acquisitions have come from the comic-book world, this will be the first one that the studio itself sends to the presses.

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Street Fighter Trailer

這個大家都看過,不過還是想放在這裡。相當喜歡這個 "水彩潑墨" look,把動作一般的這條片起死回生。不過還是不明白為何可以讓那"鬥雞眼阿龍"出街 ? 無論如何,很型啊 !

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Gatchaman & AstroBoy The Most Highly Anticipated Among CG Film Projects With Anime Roots

還記得約一年前第一次在機場書店看到這本書Japanamerica: how Japanese pop culture has invaded the U.S.,馬上翻來看看了目錄,更嚇一跳。
Chapter 1 : May the G-force Be With You
Chapter 2: Atom Boys
世事真的巧合,還是大家有相同的視野,imagi 所開發的兩套電影正正就是 Gatchaman 和 AstroBoy。英雄所見略同,Roland Kelts認為日本的潮流文化正續漸入侵美國。於是請他來分享...

Roland Kelts (author of Japanamerica) calls
Gatchaman and AstroBoy as the most highly anticipated CG film projects with anime roots with his latest article posted exclusively on Imagi's website.

Hong Kong (October 30, 2007) -- A new article by noted author and lecturer Roland Kelts will be posted exclusively on Imagi Animation Studios' website ( on October 30, 2007.

In this new essay, Kelts examines Imagi's next two upcoming movies -- Gatchaman and AstroBoy -- and places the studio at the crest of the current wave of Hollywood movies with Japanese pop culture roots.

Kelts' acclaimed book, Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded the U.S., explores the American experience and fascination with Japanese pop culture. The paperback edition—updated and with a new epilogue by the author—will be released on November 13.

Click on "What's New" on the Imagi website to read more about why Roland Kelts calls Gatchaman and AstroBoy "the most highly anticipated" of all projects, reflecting the rising convergence of American and Japanese cultures.

About Roland Kelts
Roland Kelts is the author of Japanamerica, the first book that directly addresses the American experience with the Japanese pop phenomenon. He is also a Lecturer at the University of Tokyo and a co-editor of the New York-based literary journal, A Public Space. His first novel, Access, will be published next year. His articles, essays and stories have been published in Zoetrope, Playboy, Doubletake, Salon, The Village Voice, Newsday, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and The Japan Times, among others. He has lectured at New York University, Rutgers University and Barnard College, and he is a graduate of Oberlin College and Columbia University. He currently divides his time between New York and Tokyo.

如果你有看近年來製作的美國電視動畫,便會發覺在表達方式及風格上都有很多日本動畫的影子。其中最佳的例子是 Teen Titan,Superhero竟然會"大粒滴汗"....

Happy Halloween!!

I don't have time to draw a new picture, I just reuse the last year version.
wooo wooo wooo! Happy Hallween to everyone ! ! ! 哈佬喂 !!!

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Imagi:Challenging Pixar from China

一篇關於Imagi的有趣文章:Imagi:Challenging Pixar from China,以下是轉載自Ming在動畫筆記本內的翻譯版本

一年前,Tim Cheung 在人人夢想的地方 -DreamWorks Animation 製作 Shrek 系列長片,不過今天,這位35歲從德州來的美裔華人在香港郊區一棟舊倉庫中教新手如何製作電腦動畫,手下這54個動畫師中,有些之前作推銷,有些之前是工程師,還有一個之前在7-Eleven工作。香港或許是中國電影的中心,不過據 Cheung 指出,這些員工大部分缺乏經 驗,顯然香港並非製作動畫的理想環境,不過 Cheung 和其他從Imagi過來的人才將改變這樣的狀況,他們一直從好萊塢業界中延攬知名老將,其中許多來自 DreamWorks,這些人都將擔任領導的腳色,訓練 Imagi 的員工如何製作電腦動畫。

不過這不是個簡單的工作,Imagi 在 2000年時創立,它曾經是一家製作塑膠耶誕樹的公司,不過2002年時,工廠賣給了 Carlyle Group,並且將經營重心放在動畫上頭,之後在2004年他們替NBC製作了一齣叫作 Father of the Pride 的電視卡通,不過NBC數月後取消了這個節目。至此之後,Imagi 將目標放在大銀幕上,並在今年3月時推出了他們的首部動畫長片-忍者龜 (TMNT),影評有好有壞,雖然上映首週登上美國票房冠軍,不過這部影片迅速地流失掉它的觀眾,目前為止票房94 million,一家跨國投資集團- Goldman Sachs 在 4月的一個研究報告中指出,票房急遽下跌可能是因為影片是在香港而非好萊塢製作,因而犧牲了該有的品質。

在Imagi的首部 電影上映之前,投資人將它的股價往上膨脹,期望電影能夠因此獲得大勝,不過之後電影雖然表現不錯,卻不如預期中的優秀,股價應聲下跌。Douglas Glen,之前在Mattel當副總裁,目前擔任 Imagi 的 Co-chief Executive Officer和 Executive Director,他說,影片首映之前股價是有一些非理性的上揚,雖然之後股價下跌,不過TMNT還是可以稱作一部成功的電影,更何況它是第三部在美國票 房冠軍的亞洲電影。

有著製作預算上的優勢,Imagi打算贏得更好的成績,上個月底,Imagi 宣布與 Warner Bros 和Weinstein 的合作關係,在 TMNT 總製作預算的32.5 million中,這兩家好萊塢發行商就提供了27 million,他們宣布將發行另外兩部Imagi即將推出的影片,兩部均由非常知名的日本動畫改編而成,分別是 Gatchaman 和 AstroBoy。

Glen說那些對 Imagi 心存悲觀的投資者應該看看Imagi影片在香港製作的預算優勢,Imagi 就像其他好萊塢動畫公司, 使用一流的好萊塢導演、編劇還有設計師,不過勞力密集的工作都在香港製作,以便達到價格上的優勢,Glen 說,基本上我們是間好萊塢的公司,只是我們可以 付給員工加州一般薪水的1/6。Imagi 不是唯一一家試圖登陸美國市場的亞洲公司,先濤數位製作公司(Centro Digital Pictures) 是另外一個例子,它製作過昆丁塔倫提諾的 Kill Bill 中一些特效畫面,同時也和Disney共同製作長片寶葫蘆的秘密 (The Secret of the Magic Gourd),這部影片是 Disney 第一部與中國公司共同製作的長片。

還是有人懷疑這些本土 製作是否可以與好萊塢的大公司競爭,David Webb是其中一個,他說,不是每個人都可以成為Pixar,這是個競爭激烈的市場,不是贏就是輸,他之前一直將Boto列為年度最優股,不過最近他發現 Imagi 已經不再賺錢(去年虧損了9 million),忍者龜的熱潮並沒有持續太久,事實上自從他們結束賣聖誕樹的生意後,就一直在虧錢的狀態。但儘管如此 ,其他人還是對Imagi抱著正面的態度,Goldman的分析報告也說,我們相信Imagi還是可以獲利,只要他們接下來的影片可以達到跟 TMNT 一樣 的成績,關鍵在他們製作預算上的優勢,Imagi 每部影片平均花費35 million,這個價位比 Pixar 的94 million或是 DreamWorks 的130 million都低得多,所以Imagi每部影片應該都可以賺44 million。

Image 在好萊塢召兵買馬,也愈來愈多人加入他們的的團隊,10月時,Imagi宣布之前Mainframe Entertainment 的 Senior Vice-President, Ken Tsumura 將成為新的 Executive Vice-President,掌管製作部門,而 Jakob Jensen,一位在 DreamWorks 及 Disney 的老將,則將擔任 AstroBoy 的動畫指導。另外一個新員工就是 Cheung了,他將擔任 Vice-President for Animation,他說香港公司的氣氛就像 DreamWorks 在作 Shrek 第一集前一樣,在Imagi工作,就像在8或10年前在 DreamWorks 沒什麼差別。

Imagi:Challenging Pixar from China
有關 動畫筆記本︰是近期喜歡的部落格,有很多有關動畫的資料及獨到的分析,喜歡動畫的朋友不要錯過。
◎imagi press release: Tim Cheung's Appointment: VP of Animation
imagi press release: Jakob Jensen Named Animation Director on AstroBoy
imagi press release: Ken Tsumura to Oversea Production at Imagi Hong Kong

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Imagi x Hot Toys -> 1/6 Astroboy + Gatchaman High-end Figures


Hong Kong (October 23, 2007) – Imagi Animation Studios (Imagi) today announced that it has entered into a licensing relationship with Hot Toys Ltd. (Hot Toys) for collectors' action figures based on the studio's next two CG-animated feature films, Gatchaman and AstroBoy. Under the agreement, Hot Toys will design, manufacture and globally distribute highly detailed 12-inch models of the principal characters in the two movies.

The Gatchaman and AstroBoy toy lines are expected to include high-end collectible figures. "We are delighted by the new collaborative relationships we have formed with Imagi, which extends our collectibles product line to CG-animated film-related characters. Many of the Hot Toys staff are long-time fans of Gatchaman and AstroBoy, including myself. With our experience in producing classic AstroBoy collectibles and other finely crafted products, the Gatchaman and AstroBoy collectibles will closely replicate the look and story line of the films," said Howard Chan, President of Hot Toys. The toy lines will ship with the release of the two films, to maximize impact and generate greater interest in both the movie and toys. Gatchaman is slated to release in Spring, 2009 and AstroBoy in Fall, 2009.

"Hot Toys has demonstrated an ability to craft collectible figures with an extraordinary level of detail and realism," said Felix Ip, Imagi's Creative Director. "Imagi's richly-detailed CGI characters are a perfect fit with Hot Toys' meticulous modeling approach."

imagi press release

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

a limitedtoysdesign G-force teaser

Thierry from Limited Toys Design drops a teaser image of his upcoming G-Force (Gatchaman) 1/6-figure series (utilizing Darkbox Workshop's Shadowman as base):

The atmosphere of photo looks cool, but the figure proportion is not that good.....PS* this is not a official figure for the Gatchaman movie

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actually this is just a color test... sometime i like draw something abstract...

Friday, October 19, 2007


There is a interesting article from Ironic Sans to review and analysis look of New York City in animation, here is the one talking about TMNT's NYC...
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The TMNT have once again been adapted for the big screen. According to the movie’s opening narration and also the official movie summary, the movie takes place in New York City. But while it sure looks like it takes place in New York, something’s missing. See if you can figure out what it is.

Here’s a shot of the city from the movie:


Okay, it looks pretty good. I don’t really recognize any of the buildings in this view, but they got the general feel right, down to the water towers on the rooftops. Here’s another shot:


That’s a pretty good rendering of a New York City streetcorner. Okay.


Another lovely skyline shot. I still don’t recognize any buildings, but I suppose that could be the Brooklyn Bridge in the image. Kinda hard to tell.


But wait. What the hell is this building? I guess I’m fine with fictional buildings in a fiction movie, but if it’s supposed to be New York City, shouldn’t we see some of the real buildings, too? [Read full article from Ironic San]
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What do you think? Do you agree with those comment? : )

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