Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Burning Safari

很喜歡的一條短片,不論設計及技術都有很高的水準。包你看得開心 !
他還有個網站,有很多 concept art 及 making of 的圖片及片段。


Anonymous said...

Hey felix, this is andrew... yeah that film Burning Safari is great. I'm surprise you are just now posting it...its been out for a while now. its a good animated short feature. the animation is top notch.

But I'm gonna ask you how's Gatchaman coming? are the characters finished being modeled and surfaced?? is there a teaser in the works or is that finished yet??

well later

felixip said...

i saw that long time ago, someone brought it out again and i would like to keep it here.. that's cool!

hah, for the Gatchaman, the main characters are in the modeling and surfacing stage now. No solid plan on teaser yet. But i do feel that the scale of movie seems like StarWar to me... lots of work, but it will be very cool!

Anonymous said...

This is Andrew again: So the script is Finished or still being worked out? It seems like you guys have tons of worked to crank out...its almost a new year and you're still in the beginning phases.... does that concern you or are you confident that you guys can crank out that kind of work????


felixip said...

Hi Andrew, hmmmm.... problems always there everyday and everywhere just like every film production but we have confident to solve the... hahaha
It will be a very cool movie!! :p

lemonpo said...


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