Sunday, April 20, 2008

Imagi Internal Newsletter

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The 1st issue of the Imagi Magazine released !

This is the cover of
"Pipline", the internal Newsletter of Imagi studios. But I think it more looks like a magazine. This is bi-lingo, with Chinese and English. Images of AstroBoy and Gatchaman is not from the movie, those are designed for internal/marketing teaser only. I like the cover a lot, i like the Mascot sculpture feeling a lot...and the heading of hard copy is printed in sliver, it looks very good even though we forgot the Spot UV coating on Astroboy and G-1.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Gatchaman Live Action Movie Promo

Tatsunoko 在較早前宣佈由日本「日活公司」宣布將拍攝 Gatchaman 真人版電影這是2007年暑假時侯發表的宣傳海報! 看到這個心口的 Gatchaman Logo真是有點心酸。樣子很"薯炳"啊... 另外Yatterman 小雙俠真人版也正在拍攝中, 預告片也可以按此觀看... 不過也是有點嚇人

「Gatchaman」真人版的是否仍在2009年初推出 ? 好想知道...

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Astro Boy Edition

I want the Gatchaman Edition, 5 version from G1 to G5!!

Nike Dunk SB Mid Donatello Sample
Nike Dunk SB Low Michelangelo
more Cross over
Nike Dunk...
Custom Rapheal Puma Sneakers
Reebok x Voltron
Is there any adidas Superstar cross over? my favorite!

AstroBoy Google Logo

This surprise me! just found this today at
I just remember, today is birthday of AstroBoy.

如果你去 i-google jp , 還有四款 Heading Skin 給你選擇

Please check many fun AstroBoy Birthday Cake at Astroboy world

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Typography in Motion

Astroboy Papercut

最近對中國的剪紙很感興趣,用 AstroBoy 來做個小測

Aboy vs Gman

Just found them separately.... both looks strange to me. A car with sticker like this does not look good.
這些動畫圖案放在車上總是格格不入的... 不過假如在街上看到這樣的車
還是會很興奮。如果以上兩者比較,我較喜歡Gatchaman的那款,AstroBoy 的貼紙大小和位置實在太.....不過要比較還是以下的比較盡D...

I was so impressed when I saw this Pekmon Beetle in LA at 2000.

Citroen X Nemo

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Tale of How

A beautiful and innovative short animated film created by The BlackHeart Gang in 2006, i like the very illustrative and artistic look. They are working on the next one The Tale of Then.

You can check the better quality at their website The prints from the movie look fantanic:

The Making of Video
The Blackheart Gang Official Website

There are a lots of amazing works from them, oh!! i love them all. Thanks Ulysses for recommending this to me.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Bjork New MV- Wanderlust

冰島歌后 Björk 最新 MV - Wanderlust終於推出! visual 好正,真人 + 模型+ CG,令很耳目一新的風格,也很有童畫FEEL!!
This is Björk's new music video “Wanderlust” hit the web recently I like the look a lot, very unique 3D style... Over a year in the making with a massive crew. It is directed by Encyclopedia Pictura (on Ghost Robot’s roster) with post-production handled by UVPHACTORY, the experience feels more like a short film than a simple music video.

“Wanderlust” premiered on March 12th and was originally intended to be viewed in anaglyphic 3D. There will apparently be details about how to get free 3D glasses on Bjork’s site.

You can also check the making-of video below:

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

GTA Kamen Rider

That's old, GTA fans made a Kamen Rider skin into game...
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