Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Supernatural Anime Trailer

After Ironman and Xmen Seems like more "Warner bros x MadHouse" products are coming... Here is the new one Supernatural.  

Here are character designs 

There are more detail information about Supernatural anime at fanboy.com.


武道狂之詩漫畫,首支預告片推出! 動畫大導演袁建滔力作! 
Teaser of our comic《Sangre-y-Acero 》released! Supercool!

Astro Boy Live Size Sculpture

Astro Boy Live size scupture in Mori Art Gallery, photo taken by Mew Mew Maru.
BTW... where is the Red boots??

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mtv Bicentenario by Plenty

Mtv Bicentenario by Plenty™ from Plenty on Vimeo.

This side represents the old cultures and Latin-American tribes deeply-rooted to the land, floods of life, color, energy and rhythm, they gallop all together in order to look after the mother nature.

We were summoned to develop a surrealistic world in which two historical sides clash: Latin America Liberators with Spanish Realist. We represented each side as an army made of abstracts forms showing their origins and aspirations.
First they clash and fight during the morning light. By the night the battle is over and the survivors have mutated into new forms. They gather their casualties together in a central point and celebrate a rebirth ritual that generates an excessively vital energy explosion. Finally, the sunrise brings along the resurrection that comes from the heart of the earth. It is the beginning of a new identity resulting from the cultural mix.
[ via behance ]

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Alphabetical Poster Favorite video game stuffs

Alphabetical Poster Favorite video game titles by Maicon MCN

The recycled art of Edouard Martinet

Incredible Sculptures made from Scrap Metal.

Note form artist:
"Edouard Martinet transforms everyday objects found in flea-markets and car boot sales into works of art. Working with a variety of refuse materials such as rusted kitchen pans, typewriter keys, car lights and other scrap metals, Edouard Martinet sculpts several types of animals and insects. His sculptures are made without the use of solder. He fits each component into place as if putting together a puzzle of random pieces and parts. Each masterpiece is carefully assembled after having drafted several detailed sketches. This process requires a sufficient amount of time to get from the idea to the completion."
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Realistic CG Dragon Ball Z Characters

See these cool CG DragonBall character by Munoz Velazquez. All of them were model in Zbrush and render in Max with photo-retouching in photoshop.

See more his work at CGhub

Teaser Poster with Logos

Few more Superhero-movie-teaser-posters playing with logo.

This one is nice, very impressive when first time I saw it.

Like the above one, the logo is formed by the bullet holes, cool concept.

The design of following two are pretty bad...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Batman Movies Teaser Posters

Check out these teaser posters of 1st three Batman movies, all of them have the same design approach: playing with the logo. The first one was stunning which was painted in 3D format.
Batman, 1989

Batman Returns, 1992

The following two combined with another logos.

Batman Forever,1995

Batman & Robin, 1997
This is the 1st time I saw Robin logo, Batman's logo and Robin one combine together is very cool... One more common point is that they all released in June.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Upcoming Animated Movie Character Teaser Posters

By Disney Studios
By Touchstone

By Blue Sky Studios
By Pixar Studios
see this round of character teaser posters, I still love the Kung Fu Panda the best, more appealing!.

KungFu Panda 2 Teaser Posters

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