Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mtv Bicentenario by Plenty

Mtv Bicentenario by Plenty™ from Plenty on Vimeo.

This side represents the old cultures and Latin-American tribes deeply-rooted to the land, floods of life, color, energy and rhythm, they gallop all together in order to look after the mother nature.

We were summoned to develop a surrealistic world in which two historical sides clash: Latin America Liberators with Spanish Realist. We represented each side as an army made of abstracts forms showing their origins and aspirations.
First they clash and fight during the morning light. By the night the battle is over and the survivors have mutated into new forms. They gather their casualties together in a central point and celebrate a rebirth ritual that generates an excessively vital energy explosion. Finally, the sunrise brings along the resurrection that comes from the heart of the earth. It is the beginning of a new identity resulting from the cultural mix.
[ via behance ]

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