Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Exclusive Gatchaman Interview at IESB

IESB has exclusive first-look storyboard-images of the upcoming here
- Gatchaman-movie coverage GATCHMAN animated film
(from IMAGI) including an exclusive interview with director; Kevin Munroe


- "stay as close as possible to the original versions but at the same time add some sleekness to it so it’s not just “tights.”

- “I try to describe it to people, it’s not cartoon-ey and it’s not photo-real. It’s really pushing the western style of animation, something very cool and different.”

- “Fans of the tv show will remember that they never talked about how the Gatchaman started, how the war between the Gatchaman and Galactor started... What was the first invasion like…”

- co-director Tom Tanaka adds: “So this is ... the prequel to the TV show in a sense, and the idea that the mythology of the Gatchaman is not just restricted to technology, there is a mystical aspect as well.”


- “We’ve got a couple of key characters, and bad things happen to them, a key character dies at one point..."

- The Phoenix (Gatchaman's mothership) "flames up" and comes complete with signature bay doors, and it’s not completely re-imagined or redesigned, but it has a modern and “fast” look and feel ... the flame transformation of the ship comes at a pivotal and climatic point in the story.


- “It’s an origin story. We’re going through, we’re adding mythology.”

- “We’ve got politics, terrorism, the island is the beacon of hope and the Gatchaman become the symbol of that hope for all of mankind because it takes what happens in this movie to united everybody together to fight back. It’s bigger than just a simple alien invasion story…”

- "We find our heroes at the end of Act 1, with a completely destroyed city after the aforementioned alien invasion. There’s no place to go but bigger! ... Act 3 blows the invasion away."


ON WHAT TO EXPECT at SanDiaoComicCon 2008:
Munroe says he would like “A big presence [at Comic Con], it’d be cool to reveal what the suits look like to everyone. A trailer would be great. It’s just up to what Warners wants to do and what Imagi wants to do.”

the above article is edited from: TOYSREVIL
read the entire interview at IESB packed with more details and revelations


Anonymous said...

Aye this sounds great.......Felix....thanks thank you thank you thank you...

Now all we need is Costume Designs...hehehe

I guess that wont happen until summer 08 huh?


ps... I wanted to ask will the action be like Yuen Woo-ping martial arts action with a mix of like John Woo, and Batman like gunslinging and grappling action???

Splinter's Iroonna said...

I am so looking forward to this, mainly because I want to support Imagi and Kevin Munroe. I know I probably saw the "original" series at one point in my life, but it didn't make that big an impression on me. But I must say that this looks to be fantastic, and hope that it does much for Imagi and everyone involved.

felixip said...

To Andrew, hope those images can satisfy you and Gatchaman fans for a while. Gatchaman Costume, seems that is the last thing to show.... hahaha, be patient.
for action, we are still doing the style test. One of the idea is that playing with more post to post Japanese animation style...

to Splinter's Iroonna, thank you very much for your support. I think you will be impressed once you see the CG image, to me, it looks like a Star War movie...


Muy buen blog... Excelentes ilustraciones... GENIAL

felixip said...

Muchas gracias! GRNIAL

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