Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wooden Robot art

What a warm and cute wooden toy for kid! it is a good craft and art as well!
These ultra-cool wooden toys fashioned by Japanese artist, Takeji Nakagawa, aren't available in the HK & USA. It only sold in exihibition... However, it doesn't stop me from showing you some of the amazing toys this modern-day Geppetto is making...

here is philosophy of to make this wooden toys...
Take-G toy’s is a ‘toy’ maker which mostly deals with wooden crafts hand-made by Takeji (Take-G) Nakagawa (actual toys which are sold online are restricted to Take-G blocks and zoo). My motto is to bring wooden beauty and quality into life in my own style.

I often get asked “Why do you make robots with wood?” I don’t really have an exact answer for it but I often relate my robots with ‘future’.

What do you relate future with? ? Cities full of metals, glasses and plastics in a SF movie???
What we really want is not that kind of future but one full of trees and something more natural. I don’t think humans can live without trees no matter what advances technology makes.

When I think of ‘future’, I cannot help thinking of ‘past’ at the same time. Trees take long time (tens and hundreds years) to grow and show us their beauty (the product of their past). I think that I have responsibilities as a craftsman and an artist of breathing new life into these trees. I have a job to link 100 years in the past and 100 years in the future through my work. This is my values toward my work.
I wish my work, which carries such values, can grab imaginations of children of the past, present and future.
This is cool and lovely, isn't it?
official site of artist:
English site


Ulysses said...

This is truly beautiful work with impressive craftsmanship. Work like this tempts me to move from digital to real 3D work.

felixip said...

i love robot and wood craft, seems this is a prefect match for me. right a real 3d thing is different.

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