Wednesday, September 09, 2009

AstroBoy Fanart on deviantART

Here are some AstroBoy fan art I picked from deviantART
by Chadfuller
Trash Can! This one looks closet to the movie Astro.

by KazumixJapan
There are lots of fan like turn AstoBoy to "AstroGirl", I picked this because she wears MetroCity Costume :)

This Dr. Tenma is so cool.

by OptimusPraino
Like this illustration style and the BG graphic.

Very nice BG texture and graphics.

by themico

by Nolaj cool!

By ImRoGer
For some reason, Megaman and AstroBoy are always be put together, this is not the only one.

By Cheeks 74

by cheeks 74
These two by one of my favorite artist Cheeks. Wow! Butt Cannon!

by ezedestino he is cute!



Anonymous said...

This one is my favourite:


felix ip said...

I like that one too, nice details and very retro feeling

Van Strapp said...

Felix, can you provide links to these artists DeviantArt pages please? I'd like to see more of their work! Besides, they deserve to be properly credited :)

Anonymous said...

I this was posted back in 2009, but great collection! I found this one today:
I know the artist on Facebook. :)

felix ip said...


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