Sunday, September 06, 2009

My old game character design

This is the really old game character design i did in 1996. At that time, I used to love Rockman (Megaman) very much. My friend asked me to produce a simialr game like Rockman and asked me to design the character. I am also inspired a lot from the movie TRON, i put those elements together and come up with these sets of designs. Once the character won the opponents, he will get his armor and morph, so I designed more than 10 versions... (color pencil + marker) see more at my art-blog


Patrick Awa said...

These are very nice, Felix!
I dig the overall looseness came from media(my drawings from the same period were done by markers as well). I also see your "Felix" cuteness in them already. Thanks for sharing.

felix ip said...

thanks Patrick, I will keep sharing more "Felix Cuteness" if you don't feel bore, haha :P

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