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Anonymous said...


My Japanese friend told me that the box office and feedbacks in Japan is very bad. Especially, the side characters' design are too old style, like the characters in Zentrix. The box office is out of top ten even in the first week. Can't expect it will be too good in US or HK. Very disapointed. If the box office is so bad, can Imagi still have enough funding to produce G, which is my favourite.


THOMAS said...

First of all , I apologize if you are upset for my comments.
For Imagi's future , pls don't make any Japanese Franchised anime anymore, like T28 ( I think Gatchaman is ok, but not for worldwide audiences). Afterall , Imagi is not Pixar, Imagi should only focus on regional market, like in China or Asia. THere are still long way for Imagi to go in order to catch up with the top player of the world.

Daniel said...

我係加拿大既阿童木超級fans, 點解呢套戲0係加拿大完全冇宣傳?


felix ip said...

hi Jack: Japan box office is not good as expected. For teh US and HK, we will know soon. Anyway, we did our best and nor regret no natter what the result will be. :)

Thomas: Thank you for your comment, we've never thought that we can as good as Pixar, we know the distant, they are really good and actually is the goal for us. We are still searching the best way to produce our own animation.

Hi Daniel: 我其實不太清楚Marketing在美加方面的宣傳情況,真的商麼差嗎

Anonymous said...

It Looks like only 5-6 million in US.

Lack of marketing, heavy competition, and not popular property(at least here in the US), were hugh hurdles to overcome.

If Imagi is to survive, they may have to start producing more original work and rely less on adapting existing material.


anselm tong said...






felix ip said...

Anselm Tong: 真的謝謝你!

gary said...

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很多香港人撐你們的。including me!

Seems a good start. But how much will box office get to get profit? or let the company grow?

felix ip said...

Gary: 感激大家!!!!

Daniel said...


例子1 - 通常d 大片都有0係d streetcar/ bus 賣廣告,呢邊完全見唔到

例子2 - 呢邊Mcdonald 係見到有阿童木既小玩具,但完全放0係暗角位,連放張大 banner 出黎都冇


點會有人0係萬聖節時放套咁既戲?呢度d人通常halloween 之前一兩星期己經會出街玩/ parties/ clubbing,真係會睇戲個班都睇D 鬼片, eg, Saw

我夠贍講,如果呢套戲放後兩個禮拜0係11月頭先上畫,情況一定好一倍以上,Jim Carrey 兩個禮拜後個套 Christmas Carol 就係一個好好既例子

felix ip said...

Daniel: 謝謝你的資料, 我很同意檔期是票房差的一大原因...你覺得比AstroBoy的北美既宣傳比TMNT要差嗎?

Anonymous said...

I live in Los Angeles and I totally agreed with Daniel that the timing of the film release is bad. If the movie debuts 2 or 3 weeks later in mid-November or December, the box office will double for sure. In the US, this is normally a bad time to release a kid movie near Halloween.

In terms of advertising, the marketing is decent in LA, like I have seen magazines, freeways, radio and TV ads; definitely more than TMNT.

Overall, the reviews in the US are generally good. It's just the release date is really bad. To be honest, I think March / April will be a better date to release Astro Boy here, as it has lesser competitions against the big animation studios, like Pixar or Dreamworks. Also, the movie probably hits the crowds better near the Spring Break vacation in the US.

御野 音 said...


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