Monday, October 12, 2009

AstroBoy Movie Promotion @ HK

There is a AstroBoy Promotional Event "阿童木夢想實驗室" (AstroBoy Dream Lab) was set up at TsuenWan Plaza in HK. The voice actors of Mr.Tenma and Astroboy were there. There are many interesting set up and games there. It lasts until the end of Oct. Go to take a look if y0u have time.

Aron Kwok, voice actor of Dr.Tenma

Flying Astroboy at the backdrop. (he looks little too tall than the design, especially the neck...)

Kids love to take photo with AstroBoy

wow! 2 AstroBoys

Interactive games.

Blue core enegry means +ve energy, thats what we need now!

1:1 Orin

Thanks Mable to provide photos.

AstroBoy at Diamond Hill Shopping Mall, it occupy the wall above elevators

AstroBoy on Bus, I saw the TAXI version, but I am not fast enough to take photo

Huge Billboard at MongKok
See AstroBoy big billboards in NY
AstroBoy AD in Japan


Anonymous said...

Hi Filex,

Do you have the update box office figure of Astro Boy in Japan? My Japanese friend told me that the box office is not as good as expected. Is it true?


felix ip said...

Hi Jack,
I don't have the box-office figure of AstroBoy in Japan yet. what I know the first day feedback is pretty good. Actually JP friends told me that they think better than they expected. Please tell me more if anymore friends in JP. :0

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