Wednesday, January 10, 2007


收到太太寄來的孩子相片,整個人也溶化了... 很想家啊!


Jessie said...

what a wonderful picture !!! The moment with both tongues.

felixip said...

how can you take that? amazing! they are all liking at the same time!
so cute!

Etta said...

Jessie, what a lovely picture!

Felix, take care and don't work too hard!


P.S. Jessie, I'd browsed all the previous Coco & Sesame pictures here, soooo lovely~~

Etta said...

P.S. I'd introduced this marvellous blog in my blog!

There's a happy note for Jessie too!


felixip said...

Thanks Etta. i will post more fun babay pictures here. hahaand of coz, all the pictures are contribute by JESSIE! yeah!

Etta said...

Cool! I'll keep on check back! :D

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