Saturday, January 10, 2009

T28 Teaser Website Launch!

Tetsujin 28 Teaser website launch today!! please take a look on that and give me some comment.

Also, the cover image of Imagi website also updated.

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Ninjatron said...

So cool! I love it.
The only thing I'm not fond of is the look of the Shotaro. I know that you guys would be trying to update and modernize his appearance, and that's fine, but I think in this case it looks too obvious, like you are trying too hard to make him look cool. I think you can update him while still being true to the classic appearance. But I LOVE the robot action. It looks great.

This is very cool to get this kind of look into a movie that has not even been greenlit yet. I hope you get a great response!


Steve Talkowski said...


This is INCREDIBLE!! I really love the stylization on all the robots. The cinematography is stunning. Can we see a hi-res version of the trailer anytime soon?


Steve Talkowski said...
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Great job, simply fantastic. Hey Felix the team of imagi or you , can update the section of wallpapers with resolutions widescreen, for example: 1680x1050,
Thanks for all,
Greetings from Colombia.

Chroma said...

T28's Iron Man pose at the end of the teaser and the 'over the top' villain were a little cliche, but other than that I loved it. I hope we hear something about this project getting the "green light" sometime in the near future. :D

Al said...

I'm honestly not a fan of the original series and I'm not so sure it could appeal to western audience as much as Astro Boy but on a technical level, the Imagi team did a superb job on the animation. The one aspect I notice you guys at Imagi really excel in is presenting cool comic book style action. If you work on this teaser before Astro Boy, I can only imagine the animation on Astro Boy is going to be even better! I look forward to seeing the concept art at the official site.

Anonymous said...

so what's the news on Gatchaman????? is that not in the works anymore???? Please tell me you guys are still working on Gatchaman!!!!!!!!


Chris Tay said...

Oh man its freakishly awesome!!!! :)
How long did it take for you guys to get this teaser done man?.....Good work guys!!!!!

Both T28 and Astroboy has been my favourites hehehe.....looking forward to the astroboy CG movie next year.....worth the wait man.....

Hope T28 gets to be made yup :)

alisa006 said...



matthew said...

So far so good. My only complaint is that the human characters seem too realistic for my liking. I'm hoping for more of a Pixarish cartoon look like you guys did to the humans in TMNT.

Mohammad.Modarres said...

supr cool trailer,the only thing that not so cool(in may opinion)is human hairs,actually its a bit seperat from the character head,and i agree with above poster about the look of human for this trailer.......
but the action and design of robot is so damn cool.....

felix ip said...

thank you very much for your comment, that really help us to improve. i am glad that most of you like it basically. I agree with you that the character design is little more realistic than i expect...we spent much more time on robot design than character... >_<

Hi Steve,
we are working on the hi-res movie in different formats for downlaod, like HD, i-pod ect. it will be launched soon.

Hi PeterPaul
we don't have high res image for 1680x1050, sorry!

Hi AL,
I belive that the Astroboy animation is much better than this, because the rigging for T28 is pretty rough compared with Astroboy. The acting in AstroBoy has improved a lot, you will see that. Concept art section in WIP, coming soon, i will show my rough sketches...

Hi Andrew,
Gatchaman is still in work now, don't worry. there's great breakthrough in both story and design, very cool. I can't talk too much, but you will be happy when you see any work in the future. i will keep you guys update.

Hi Chris,
we (creative and development team around 15 ppl)took around 8 months to do that.

Hi alisa006

Hi Ninjatron, Mattew and Mohammad,
yes, I agree the note on characters this is the common response... thats a good note. thanksssss. By the way what do you think whom does the Boy looks like?

thankss again for your comment!! much appreciated!

Mcl said...


siojin said...

woh,Imagi is very cool,get alone of good and interesting project~ga yao~

Anonymous said...

Hey Felix I know I've talked about Gatchaman but I want to say this too.. I think you have a great hit on your hands seeing where you are headed with T28. The character designs are cool but a mix of realism and cartoon are hard to get but..a little re-work can accomplish that.

As for animation, lighting, special effects, texturing, rendering Oh my goodness!! it reminded my of something Blur studios would do (can't wait to see a High RES version). You guys seem to be growing as a studio. 8 months for that, is a good turn around I think.. Keep doing it Imagi. I am a fan. Can't wait to see more


Anonymous said...

Do Imagi still have money to make this film??

kenmoo said...

hi felix, glad you and the team make this teaser, i forsee that it will be a hit for 2010? Wish you guys luck in finding investors for this film~make it happen...cheers

toysrevil said...

First off - fantastic teaser! well done guys!

my humble feedback:
- alhtou i do agree with the general issue with the humans being too "realistic" (which did feel a bit uncomfortable on first watch) but maybe tis becoz "we" are not used to the juxtaposition (spl) of anime-robots with realistic renders of human-characters - so perhaps it is new ground to develop and experiment with.

i remember watching TMNT and personally found the humans were too cartoonish-stylized, in comparison with the nigh-"realistic" ninja turtles - like all the effort was put into the turtles and the humans were a hindsight (pls do pardon my forwardness).

no doubt with the style of rendering in shadows and shades (which Imagi does so well) will bring out the depth of the characters, maybe tis worth looking into a new combination of stylized humanoids in anime-terms and the hyper-realism of a concept about giant robots fighting?

i do see a fusion of manhua and manga styles in whatever little glimpses of Gatchaman so far, and wonder if that could be a fit into T28? or perhaps, like i mentioned, a new form of stylization?

all i can add is i cannot wait to see more! forgive my long reply tho :p

kudos to all at Imagi for the effort done thus far!

andy :)

felix ip said...

hi Kenmoo, thank you for your kind words. in 2010 you will see Gatchaman instead of this. We would like to make it happen, we love this project. yeah, Hope that we can go through all the difficulties soon...

hi Andy, thank you very much for your comment, very detail and very helpful, much appreciated!! We are finding the better balance on the styllze and realistic on each show, i absolutely agree that the character in T28 is go too realistic actually this is going little too far in the implement. if you see the early character design we have is pretty stylize . This is really good test and experiment for us, we learned a lot from that. We will really spend more time on that part. Finding the best stylization and look of the movie is always the most challenge part but this is the most exciting part too. thanks for your opinion agian! :)
Hope we will see more Astroboy figure news in your blog :P

toysrevil said...

you're very welcomed Felix - will contribute in whatever small way i can :)

looking forward to more! and also waiting and willing to post about Astroboy too! as soon as i get wind of info i'll set it up lol

(and Gatchaman, of coz LOL)

Ben said...

Hi Felix,
Your drawings of the T-28 are awesome, and I'm hoping the trailer you made convinces someone to make a full movie. I'm also really looking forward to Gatchaman.

By the way, you asked who we thought the boy looks like... when I first saw the trailer I thought he reminded me of Edward Furlong, who played John Connor in Terminator 2 :) I have to admit though, I think I agree with previous comments that the character should be less realistic-looking. Still, really nice work overall!

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