Monday, February 02, 2009

Teminator Salvation Motion Poster

This Poster is super cool, like the concept how the map of LA became the face of Temonator with cool motion and sound effect. check the motion poster here

the look of T-600.
Teminator Salvation Official Website


Ninjatron said...

Looking forward to this movie for sure. Looks like lots of awesome robot action thus far. Hope it delivers on all the other bases too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Felix,

From the newspaper today, I knew that Imagi hasn't paid the salaries to the animators and closed the US office. Why? According to the annual reports, Imagi has raised around US$55 mil for the last 2 years, where is the money? It is a big news to the industry in HK. Please explain the real situation and give us more information. I think you are the only insider always keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi Felix,

Where are you? Why do not answer my questions? Is it really has the financial problem of Image or you leave the company already? I am a big fans of Astro. From the newspaper today, the animators haven't receive the Jan salaries. Is it true? Pls give us updates.

Many thanks.

franco said...

Hi , i don't think it is appropriate to push felix to answer your question! as it is sensitive and even have big effects on Imagi. it should be left to the management to reveal the situation!no one wants to lose their jobs and we don't want Imagi closed ,right?

felix ip said...

Hi anonymous, thanks for asking, The rumors of IMAGI Animations Studios death have been somewhat exaggerated... yes, we are facing some difficulty but not much i can say for now... Much appreciate if you can tell me your name so that i know whom i am talking to :)

Thanks Franco's understanding and kind words. What we can do is keep giving our best to the show.

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