Wednesday, July 08, 2009

UNIQLO Gatchaman Tee

gatchaman t

And this white one that has the Gatchaman logo on the front.

gatchaman t2 1

It also has silhouettes of the team on the back.

Gatchaman t2 2

These are 2 Gatchaman Tee you can find in ULIQO now. The design is simple. I bought the whie one, you can see lots of imagi animators wearing this, cool!


S-Ho said...


matthew said...

Do we know who's directing the movie yet?

Anonymous said...

Love the shirts, but couldn't find on their website. Are these yet to be released?

felix ip said...

Theres are released already, I've already bought one in HK.
check this JP site link:

Christina Mann said...

cool fact i want to buy one, but i can't understand the there somebody out there that can help me out?
email me at

Anonymous said...

Tron Legacy Footage 好正, 有Gatchaman Feel.

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