Saturday, August 22, 2009

Longest KamenRaiders AD?

There is a really long KamenRider AD at underground walkway near Shinjuku Marunouchi station to promote their latest film “All Riders VS. Great Shocker”, celebrating a decade run of the latest ( Heisei period ) Kamen Rider series. A whopping total 26 different Riders are set to appear in the film.

The most classic one V1, V2 and V3

Black and RX is one of my favorite Rider

I like the dual-tone look that can hold all the characters with ifferent color togather, looks really cool. Thanks for Vong yonghow in his blog halcyonrealms sharing this and you can see all the KamenRiders image at 941::blog
。The making of "All Riders VS. Great Shocker" on youtube
。Official Website
。See the more CM of the movie here

090812 - 『劇場版 假面騎士DECADE All Riders v.s. Great Shocker』上映中,全部26位騎士海報一字排開、威風蓋世 (1/2) by ccsx.
I found any other versions with Riders in color! The movie was released on 08 August already. I don't like the look KamenRider Decade but i heard that the story concept is fun, I may see the movie if i have chance...

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Alex said...

Damn, I can't wait to see the movie! Kamen Rider rocks~ except Decade ==

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