Saturday, December 19, 2009

ABC Branding Poster

ABC Branding poster design

ABC Branding poster designABC Branding Poster designed by Jason Dean, can you tell them all? [via]


Maurice said...

I know most of them. I missed like 4.

felix ip said...

Hi Maurice, would you please list them out, I know only half.

felix ip said...

Here are what I know:
A -?
B -?
C -?
D -Disney
E -?
F -?
G -Glolico
H -Honda
J -?
K -?
L -?
M -MacDonald
N -New York Times
o -Target
p -Paramond?
Q -Quicktime
R -RayBan
S -Superman
T -Toysrus
U -United Airline
VW -Volts Wegan
X -Xerox
y -Yahoo
Z -

Philip said...

C - Coca Cola
E - Dell
F - Ford?
J - Johnson's
K - Kellogg's

sefine said...

B - Budweiser
C - Coca Cola
D - Disney
E - enron
F - Ford
G - General Electronic
H - Honda
J - Johnson & Johnson
K - Kelloggs
L - Eli Lilly
M - Mcdonalds
N - New York Times
O - Target
P - Paramount picture
Q - Quicktime
R - Ray-Ban
S - Superman
T - Texaco
U - Unites Airline
VW- VolksWagen
X - Xerox
Y - Yahoo
Z - Zenith Electronics

felix ip said...

Thanks guys to help me fill the blanks finally... Sefine, you really know about "Brands". XD

Anonymous said...

Funny, but the "W" is really a pair of interlocked "U"s for United Airlines. Why not just use the Westinghouse logo?

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