Saturday, February 28, 2009

Digicon6 Video Festival 2008 - HK Winners

香港獨立動画創作人參加了一個在日本TBS電視台舉辦,全亞洲最大的 video 比賽''digicon6 video festival 2008'',擊敗多個亞洲城市的代表,勇奪大獎,為香港創意工業增光!以下是兩個香港得獎單位的動画短片 :

2 等獎-"我阿媽係外星人"

1 等獎-"動畫鏗鏘集-隱蔽老人"

,香港政府一 直"得把口",甚麼也沒有做過... 對於今香港創意工業增光香港政府不但不支持還大潑冷水....

絕望的香港創作人(林祥焜 )

Friday, February 27, 2009

CYBOT 009 3D Poster

This is a very nice 3D poster, hope that we can make one for Astro Boy...

R.A.W.S REAL ARTWORK SERIES 石ノ森章太郎 生誕70th記念「サイボーグ009」-立体ポスターアート-

see more pictures @ gamu-toys

Thursday, February 26, 2009

'Astro' set for October release

The feature version of "Astro Boy" is officially back on track for an Oct. 23 release after producer Imagi Entertainment announced it's completed a $25 million financing plan.

Imagi, which temporarily suspended "Astro Boy" production last month, said late Tuesday that the funding means it will also continue active development of the "Gatchaman" and "Tusker" projects.

The company's U.S. prexy, Erin Corbett, told Daily Variety that the company's has already called back all but 23 of its staffers to complete "Astro Boy." About 100 of Imagi's 120 staffers - most of them in Sherman Oaks -- were furloughed last month.

"We are thrilled by the incredible response to 'Astro Boy's' early film footage and stills," Corbett said.

The financing plan for Hong Kong-based Imagi includes raising operating capital both from new investors and from existing shareholders.

Imagi also disclosed that Francis Kao has resigned as chairman to devote more time to his role as chief creative officer. Kao's being succeeded by Richard Witts, who has over 35 years of experience in Asia including management posts with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Schroder Securities, United Mok Ying Kie and CLSA.

full article:, announcement from imagi

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Astro Boy Comic

Ashley Wood shows us work-in-progress new covers for up-coming AstroBoy Comic in his blog.

IDW Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall also posted a preview of the upcoming Astro Boy comic based on the movie, here are 2 pages of E.J. Su's artwork. It's going to be a weekly release ahead of the movie. Check out his Blog


Written by Scott Tipton, art by Diego Jourdan, covers by Jourdan and Ashley Wood.

He's back! Astro Boy makes his return to comics, paving the way for his exciting feature film debut later this year! It's an all-new Astro Boy adventure, with Astro exploring a strange subterranean kingdom in search of his lost father, encountering weird creatures large and small. But are they friend or foe?

32 pages, $3.99.
source: comics continuum

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

KamenRider Black 02

another experiemental piece, I try to play with the graphic pattern I develped recently to do some illustrations... it looks like a graphic filter from phtoshop, doesn't it? : )

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I really like the design of these "ISHInoMORI CHARACTERS", the 2d illustration is ok, but the the real figure is very cute. There are tons of cute versions of Kamen Rider, i think this set designed by Panson Works is the best.

this Mini PEZ is not bad.see more

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Astro Boy anime in the List of Top 100 Animated Series all the Time

Astro Boy is NO.86 in the list of IGN's Top 100 Animated Series of all time.

Though its popularity in Western cultures has waned over the past couple decades, Astro Boy is a cultural icon in Japan. Based on a story by Osamu Tezuka (a.k.a the god of manga), the animated series -- arguably the first "popular" anime TV series -- told the story of Astro, a powerful robot boy created by the head of the Ministry of Science to replace the son he lost in a tragic car accident. Each episode involved Astro using his robot powers to save the day.

The original show aired in black and white, and when American network execs brought it stateside, it became the first anime to be broadcast outside Japan. A 2003 remake of the TV series didn't make waves in the U.S., but the original 1963 series is still considered to be one of the most important forces in comics, animation, and even videogames. The uber-popular Mega Man/Rockman franchise was heavily influenced by Astro Boy's story and character designs.

In 2009, Imagi studios will release a new, "Americanized," CGI incarnation of Astro Boy in a feature film. Fans everywhere are praying that it will do justice to the original, and introduce the beloved franchise to a new generation.

Nebs66 extraxted all anime titles from the list in his blog:
95. FullMetal Alchemist
90. Afro Samurai
86. Astro Boy

78. DragonBall Z

76. Voltron: Defenders of the Universe

73. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing 70. Pokemon
51. Death Note
44. Battle of the Planets
38. Naruto 34. Robotech 29. Speed Racer (1967)
23. Transformers
14. Cowboy Bebop

10. Neon Genesis Evangelion



fun and eye-catching poster about designer

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Smash-Up TMNT Wii Trailer

TMNT Smash Interview @ IGN
BTW, those CG footages was produced by us.

AICN Previews new ASTRO BOY images!

Ain't It Cool News preview 2 new Astroboy photos from the film. Summit Entertainment will be at the New York Comic Con this weekend to promote the upcoming computer animated adaptation of AstroBoy.

Astro soars thru the MetroCity

Peacekeeper powers-up by absorbing other machines' energies

Monday, February 02, 2009

Teminator Salvation Motion Poster

This Poster is super cool, like the concept how the map of LA became the face of Temonator with cool motion and sound effect. check the motion poster here

the look of T-600.
Teminator Salvation Official Website


playing with SHOCKER's costume pattern...
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