Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Awesome Robot Dance by Genki Sudo

These MTV attract me on the 1st time when i saw it. I keep watching these MTV everyday recently, I am just fall in love with the japan mutimedia artist Genki Dudo 須藤 元気 and his team. These three MTV below are the best and y favorite, the body movements are are so beautiful and interesting!!! How amazing about the choreography which is so wonderful.

You know what ? Actually Genki is is a retired Japanese mixed martial artist and a kickboxer who, up until December 31, 2006 competed in the Japanese based fight organization K-1 HERO'S and before that UFC and Pancrase. He is notable for his elaborate ring entrances and unorthodox fighting style.His philosophy is "We are all one". Signature moves include the flying triangle and spinning backfist. He is also an essayist, a musician, an actor and a dancer.

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