Saturday, December 11, 2010

"China China" Sculptures by Ah Xian

Stunning visuals... All the patterns and textues on busts are very popular traditional pattern from different things such as teapot, cermaic, idh, bowl etc.

Ah Xian is a self taught artist who held his first exhibition in Shanghai in 1985. He migrated to Australia in 1989. His work has been shown in major survey exhibitions such as "Mao goes Pop: China post-1989," Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (1993,) while his solo exhibitions includes shows at Powerhouse Museum, Sydney; Asia Society Museum, New York; and Stadtische Museum Heilbronn, Germany. In 1999 he received an Australia Council grant to travel to Jingdezhen to explore porcelain production, enabling him to expand his "China, China" series of porcelain portrait busts. He was awarded the national Sculpture prize in an exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia in 2001, and his works are in collections such as Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane and Asia Society Museum, New York [bio: Melissa Chiu]
[ via: artinconnu ]

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