Sunday, November 06, 2011

Proposition One by Max De Esteban
Brilliant new series of photographs entitled "Proposition One" by Max De Esteban.
Esteban de-constructs the object he is going to shoot and, layer by layer, he photographs the inner workings. Then he reassembles the objects photographically. This process yields amazing results, giving us an x-ray feel. The photos also show the inner complexities and design that have gone into these classic pieces.

Propostion One: Only the ephemeral

Proposition One depicts obsolete technology products for producing and communicating art.

"The series of images have an x-ray, mortuary quality; as forensic testimonies of a past existence; vestiges of their inner structure can be clearly identified while others fade or have disappeared as in decomposing organic bodies. By eliminating the objects’ individual peculiarities, each photograph becomes a generic symbol of decay and death. While sophisticated and state-of-the-art not long ago, these tools evoke today a sense of fragility, archaism and trauma.

In constructing this photo-installation my concerns are: the consequences of today’s accelerated embracement of new technologies and formats in the art practice; the political implications of technical and functional obsolescence; and the conflicts involved in the concept of progress.

Rapid obsolescence in the working formats and techniques together with hugely superior access to archival resources is modifying the nature of artistic practice, accelerating its democratization and reinforcing its precarious nature."

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