Friday, February 02, 2007

TMNT Studio Visit! Hype! 訪問監製Tom Gray及導演Kevin Munroe...

CS/SHH!: Can you talk about the design being CG?
Munroe: Yeah, I really wanted to go after this look of just feeling like a comic book. Both in the design and in the rendering of the animation, I think there's a lot that happens in between panels in the comic book that you fill in. In your mind of how this pose got from here to there, or what happened from there. The idea and the hope that this movie would feel like it's everything that happens in between those panels. That sounds so stupid and cerebral, but after you get it in motion, hopefully you saw some of the stuff. It's basically, as they are moving; you can freeze frame the movie. I was going to say 163 times and leak it into the internet, but you can freeze frame it and create a great comic book if you went through it, just the way it's posed and framed. As far as the lighting of it, I think I said this at Comic-Con, we lit the whole movie in black and white before we added a stitch of color to it, which was really fun just going after that Frank Miller kind of very black and white comic vibe to it just in term of the lighting. In the re-design of the Turtles, I didn't think we'd get away with Pete, but it was just one of those things where just making them feel like teenagers, just a family of teenagers sitting on the sofa arguing; and what's in the TV series now works for the TV series, and it's really great that 2D aspect. But it's really weird that they're just so big and buff, they don't feel like teenagers to me; so when we approached Pete with it, he was all for it, and he was really great. So we just tried to work and make each of them different to match their characteristics and stuff; just really going after the graphic novel. It isn't real, so there's no reason to go after and replicate reality; but I just wanted to create a believable alternate reality. I think we did in the lighting and effects and the colors.


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