Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Imagi & WahShing Develop Toys for Gatchaman & AstroBoy movie


Hong Kong (August 7, 2007) – Imagi Animation Studios (Imagi) today announced that it has established a strategic relationship with Wah Shing Toys Co., Ltd. (Wah Shing) to develop and produce innovative toys based on the characters, vehicles, sets and props from the studio’s next two CG-animated feature films, Gatchaman and Astro Boy.

Both companies are headquartered in the Chai Wan district of Hong Kong. Imagi’s
artists and animators are collaborating with toy designers and engineers from Wah Shing to develop toys that are more feature-rich and innovative than typical movie-related toys.

“Usually, movie studios sign a license agreement, then leave the toy company to fend for itself,” said Douglas Glen, Imagi’s Co-CEO, and formerly a senior executive with Mattel Toys.

“Imagi is taking a different approach, by pooling the creative juices of the
filmmakers with those of the toy designers. The resulting toys will be truer to the movies and offer much more play value.”

“This is a superior business model for all concerned,” said Richard Ellert, Managing Director of Wah Shing. “We now have the lead time and creative horsepower to develop products that will far exceed consumer expectations.”
The toys are scheduled to ship concurrently with the theatrical releases of the two CG animated films in 2009.

Glen added, “Imagi and Wah Shing are in discussions with several major toy companies
with respect to distribution and marketing of the toys, and we expect to make announcements in the near future.”

Above article is extracted from imagi press release


Anonymous said...

is there an approximate time where we can see some Gatchaman CG Artwork?? we see clone wars, we see Kung Fu Panda, what about Gatchaman?? We are patiently waiting and the patience is getting thinner and thinner. Please tell us something.

charlie wen said...

This sounds great, Felix. Can't wait to work with the toy company on the Gatchaman characters. Hopefully, we'll be able to get all the intricacies of the characters in the toys!

felixip said...

hey Charlie, i really want to have some Gatchaman hi-end quality action, pls work harder on the bird suit :P !!

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