Sunday, February 10, 2008

35th Annual Annie Awards Winners and Nominees

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Best Animated Feature
Winner: Ratatouille - Pixar Animation Studios
Bee Movie - DreamWorks Animation
Persepolis - Sony Pictures Classics
Surf's Up - Sony Pictures Animation
The Simpsons Movie - Twentieth Century Fox

Best Home Entertainment Production
Winner: Futurama "Bender's Big Score" - The Curiosity Company in association with 20th Century Fox Television
Doctor Strange - MLG Productions

Best Animated Short Subject
Winner: Your Friend the Rat - Pixar Animation Studios
Everything Will Be OK - Bitter Films
How to Hook Up Your Home Theater - Walt Disney Feature Animation
Shorty McShorts' Shorts "Mascot Prep" - Walt Disney Television Animation
The Chestnut Tree - Picnic Pictures

Best Animated Television Commercial
Winner: Power Shares Escape Average - Acme Filmworks
CVS Watering Can - Acme Filmworks
Esurance "Homeowners" - Wild Brain
Idaho Lottery: Twister - Acme Filmworks
Oregon Lottery "Alaska" - Laika/house

Best Animated Television Production
Winner: Creature Comforts America - Aardman Animations
Jane and the Dragon - Weta Productions Limited & Nelvana Limited
Moral Orel - ShadowMachine
Robot Chicken Star Wars- ShadowMachine
Kim Possible - Walt Disney Television Animation

Best Animated Television Production for Children
Winner: El Tigre - Nickelodeon
Chowder - Cartoon Network Studios
Little Einsteins - Disney Channel
Peep and the Big Wide World - Discovery Kids
The Backyardigans - Nickelodeon

Best Animated Video Game
Winner: Ratatouille - THQ, Inc.
Avatar: The Last Airbender "The Burning Earth" - THQ, Inc.
Bee Movie Game - Activision
Transformers: The Game - Blur Studios


Animated Effects
Winner: Deborah Carlson - "Surf's Up" - Sony Pictures Animation
Gary Bruins - "Ratatouille" - Pixar Animation Studios
Ryan Laney - "Spider-Man 3" - Sony Pictures Imageworks
James Mansfield - "How to Hook Up Your Home Theater" - Walt Disney Feature Animation
Jon Reisch - "Ratatouille" - Pixar Animation Studios

Animation Production Artist
Winner: John Clark - "Surf's Up" - Sony Pictures Animation
Michael Isaak - "Bee Movie" - DreamWorks Animation
Hyun-Min Lee - "The Chestnut Tree" - Picnic Pictures
Natasha Liberman - "Growing Up Creepie "Creepie & The Candy Factory" - Taffy Entertainment LLC, Telegrael Teoranta, Discovery Communications Inc., SunWoo Entertainment, Peach Blossom Media Jim Worthy - My Gym Partner's A Monkey "Meet the Spidermonkeys" - Cartoon Network Studios

Character Animation in a Feature Production
Winner: Michal Makarewicz - "Ratatouille" - Pixar Animation Studios
Dave Hardin - "Surf's Up" - Sony Pictures Animation
Alan Hawkins - "Surf's Up" - Sony Pictures Animation

Character Animation in a Television Production
Winner: Eric Towner - Robot Chicken - ShadowMachine
Elizabeth Harvatine - Moral Orel "Nature 2" - ShadowMachine
Monica Kennedy - El Tigre - Nickelodeon

Character Design in an Animated Feature Production
Winner: Carter Goodrich - "Ratatouille" - Pixar Animation Studios
Sylvain Deboissy - "Surf's Up" - Sony Pictures Animation

Character Design in an Animated Television Production
Winner: Jorge R. Gutierrez - El Tigre "Fistful of Collars" - Nickelodeon

Directing in an Animated Feature Production
Winner: Brad Bird "Ratatouille" - Pixar Animation Studios
Ash Brannon & Chris Buck "Surf's Up" - Sony Pictures Animation
Chris Miller & Raman Hui - "Shrek The Third" - DreamWorks Animation
Vincent Paronnaud & Marjane Satrapi - "Persepolis" - Sony Pictures Classics
David Silverman - "The Simpsons Movie" - Twentieth Century Fox

Directing in an Animated Television Production
Winner: Seth Green "Robot Chicken Star Wars" - ShadowMachine
David Hartman - Tigger & Pooh "Turtles Need for Speed" - Walt Disney Television Animation
Raymie Muzquiz - Squirrel Boy "Gumfight at the S'Okay Corral" - Cartoon Network Studios
Howy Parkins - The Emperor's New School "Emperor's New Musical" - Walt Disney Television Animation
Gary Trousdale "Shrek The Halls" - DreamWorks Animation

Music in an Animated Feature Production
Winner: Michael Giacchino - "Ratatouille" - Pixar Animation Studios
Olivier Bernet - "Persepolis" - Sony Pictures Classics
Danny Elfman, Rufus Wainwright & Rob Thomas - "Meet The Robinsons" - Walt Disney Feature Animation
Rupert Gregson-Williams - "Bee Movie" - DreamWorks Animation
Amy Powers, Russ DeSalvo & Jeff Danna - "Disney Princess Enchanted Tales" - DisneyToon Studios/Walt Disney Video/Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Music in an Animated Television Production
Winner: Alf Clausen & Michael Price - The Simpsons "Yokel Chords" - Gracie Films in association with 20th Century Fox
Evan Lurie, Robert Scull & Steven Bernstein - The Backyardigans "International Super Spy" - Nickelodeon
Drew Neumann & Gregory Hinde - Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure - Cartoon Network Studios
Shawn Patterson - El Tigre "Yellow Pantera" - Nickelodeon
James L. Venable & Jennifer Kes Remington - Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends "The Bloo Superdude and the Magic Potato Power" - Cartoon Network Studios

Production Design in an Animated Feature Production
Winner: Harley Jessup - "Ratatouille" - Pixar Animation Studios
Doug Chiang - "Beowulf" - Paramount Pictures
Marcelo Vignali - "Surf's Up" - Sony Pictures Animation

Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production
Winner: Ted Mathot - "Ratatouille" - Pixar Animation Studios
Don Hall - ‘Meet The Robinsons' - Walt Disney Feature Animation
Denise Koyama - "Surf's Up" - Sony Pictures Animation
Sean Song - "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" - IMAGI Animation Studios
Nassos Vakalis - "Bee Movie" - DreamWorks Animation

Storyboarding in an Animated Television Production
Wnner: Steve Fonti - Family Guy "No Chris Left Behind" - Fox TV Animation/Fuzzy Door Ben Balistreri - Danny Phantom "Torrent of Terror" - Nickelodeon
Aldin Baroza - The Replacements "London Calling" - Walt Disney Television Animation
Dave Bennett - Tom and Jerry Tales - Warner Bros. Animation
Roy Meurin - My Friends Tigger and Pooh "Good Night to Pooh" - Walt Disney Television Animation


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Any chance of seeing Imagi show off the storyboards or original script for TMNT?

P.S. Best game based on animation: TMNT for Gameboy Advance.

felixip said...

Let ne try get approval to show some TMNT storyboards here.

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