Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gatchaman Phoenix 3D paper model

This one was published long time ago... from Taiwan

This is the A4 size 3D paper model book. (ISBN 957-41-3198-X)

The contents are including:

1. 3D Paper Model of the GODPHOENIX.
2. The detail assembly drawings and Chinese manual.
3. The Chinese and English introduction about the GODPHOENIX

Model Size(After Finish)

Length 16.85 cm, Wing Width 15.85 cm,

Height 3.9 cm (12 cm : including base and support)


Kena said...

Dear Felix:

The one who designed this 3D paper model, Mr.Zhu, is working in the China right now. He is an outstanding engineer. I just happen to have two suits of this model, and can send one of it to you if you like.


Kena ^^

felixip said...

Dear Kena, Mr.Zhu is amazing that design this paper phoenix! I think he must be Gatchaman fans, isn't he? I would like to have one fore sure, but have I don't have time to build it... >_<
thank you very much!

Kena said...

Dear Felix:

Yep, you really got the problem.Even me can't built this model well too.I had asked Mr.Zhu how can I got a completed Phoenix, and he said "just try, you can do it".I guess I didn't have many choice.

Here is his website:

However, I'll try my best and maybe I can bring one to you next time when we meet in Hong Kong in the future.


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