Saturday, October 11, 2008

Giant Purple Robot Mr. Recycle More

More is A giant purple robot , Mr. Recycle More appeared in London .

The robot is over 6 meters tall and made up of more than 33 recycling bins. He is part of Tower Hamlets, UK recycling campaign.

Tower Hamlets has one of the worst performances in terms of recycling. Mr. Recycle More will hopefully spur folks on to better recycling habits.



~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..while it will not solve all the problems.. it is an important part of the whole.

Getting creative like this with the awesome robot i believe will help.

Also help's draw appeal to to the children.

They will inherit this planet, we need to take measures RIGHT NOW to help lessen their burden.

So many terrible things have happened in just the past 8 years.. it is encouraging to see such positive P.R. things like this.

Thanks, Felix !!


maki yang said...

it's a great blog and give me great message. I am looking forward seeing ATOM BOY on screen.

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