Thursday, October 30, 2008

Interview with AstroBoy director

A new Interview of AstroBoy director, David Brower is launched at imagi website.

"I want Astro Boy to be a really special movie, a mix of action-adventure with lots of comedy and a really emotional story at its core. It's an iconic property and deserves respect, so I don't want to give it the glib, pop-referential treatment that so many animated movies have today. Instead I want it to stand as a classic superhero origin story, something befitting the icon of Astro Boy, kind of along the lines of Richard Donner's Superman. I want it to serve as an introduction to Astro Boy for western audiences whilst remaining faithful to the lore of Asian audiences. Astro Boy is a treasured icon in Japan and so I'm working closely with the Tezuka estate to ensure I get everything right."
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~ tOkKa said...

-->> ...when i saw the teaser in San Diego past summer.. i wanted to cry.

Very moving ..

cannot wait !!

Al said...

"...a really emotional story at its core."

I'm glad to hear that. While Astro Boy does have light-hearted funny moments, it also dealt with serious issues like abandonment, segregation, hatred, tragic deaths of a love one, self-discovery, finding acceptance and having a heart of gold. I'm hoping the director hasn't lose sight of the deep stuff in Astro Boy.

matthew said...

He's British? Didn't know that!

Andrew said...

I think he hit all the right notes in his description of the character, and it sounds like he will give the film the kind of tone it deserves.

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