Sunday, November 09, 2008

Distributors of Astro Boy in Japan, China and HK

Yes!! we can see the Astro Boy Teaser Trailer in U.S cinemas in front of DreamWorks' "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" and will do so with Disney's "Bolt" as well.

Kadokawa has picked up Japanese distribution rights to "Astro Boy," the $65 million movie adaptation of one of the classics of Japanese manga.Kadokawa will distribute the pic next October in a day-and-date release coordinated with the U.S., where the pic is handled by Summit Entertainment.

Imagi previously sold its other "reserved territories" -- Hong Kong and China -- to Golden Harvest and Enlight Pictures.



Dragon Turtle said...

65 million is large number for Imagi(much higher then the 38 million for TMNT), how much would you estimate a movie studio like Pixar/Dreamworks would spend producing Astroboy?

felix ip said...

hard to say, but for sure is much more expensive and more than $100 million
here are the production budget of some CG movies for ref:
The incredibles: $92 million
Cars: $120 million
RATATOUILLE: $150 million
Wall E: $180 million
Shrek 2: $150 million
Shrek 3: $160 million
Kung Fu Panda: $130 million

Ninjatron said...

Wow, did the budget go way up? Earlier reports had it listed somewhere around 40 million, unless I am remembering incorrectly.

Looking forward to seeing the trailer, though it's highly unlikely I'll be seeing either Madagascar or Bolt in theaters.


Anonymous said...

I don't really care for Madagascar either, although I may see Bolt. Looking forward to seeing the trailer online!

Anonymous said...

$65 million is indeed a big number for Imagi.

The following are the US box office numbers of the films quoted by Felix:

The incredibles: $92 million
Cars: $244 million
RATATOUILLE: $206 million
Wall E: $223 million
Shrek 2: $441 million
Shrek 3: $323 million
Kung Fu Panda: $215 million

In contrast, TMNT yielded a respectable yet distant $54 million.

Are you and the distributors confident that Astroboy will hit it big this time? Any idea what the advertising budget will be?

Is the much higher budget caused by the over 1 year delay of the film(s)? (If I recall correctly, Astro and Gatchaman were originally 2008 films.)

Anonymous said...

just checked out Most upcoming CG films are trading at 100-200 range. Astroboy is still in the 30s.

I certainly hope that this is not an indication of the outcome. If I remember correctly, TMNT traded at high 20s to low 30s range during the year before its release.

A little worried....

Anonymous said...

I`m confident that Astro Boy will do well, and I personally can`t wait to see it. Great blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the Astro Boy teaser trailer is attached to Twilight (opens on November 21st) since both films are distributed under Summit Entertainment.

Hey Felix, a recent press release mention that Imagi has licensed the Astro Boy rights to Penguin, a publication for books. Will there be an Astro Boy artbook? It was a shame there wasn't any artbook for TMNT. I interested to know what goes on behind the scenes at Imagi studios and see any concept art, storyboard, and promo stills.

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