Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tetsujin 28 OPs

鐵人28 Opening (1963)

Tetsujin 28-go Opening (1980)

Tetsujin 28-go Opening (2004)

鉄人28号(プレイステーション2) オープニング (Game Opening)

Tetsujin 28 Live Movie Trailer


Ninjatron said...

Happy new year, Felix!

Such a classic theme song!
Do you like the "Giant Robo" anime? It's awesome.


felix ip said...

Happy New Year, Ninjatron!!!!
yes, I love "Giant Robo" very much, "Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still" is one of my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I hadn't seen this before, but I will definitely look into it. :]

Anonymous said...

I believe that this is the first giant robot TV in the world. It was created in 60's. after that we have MazingerZ...

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