Friday, December 26, 2008

New "Tetsujin 28" Teaser

Before I was fully occupied by Astro boy movie, I have been spending couple months with the Creative and Development team to develop a "Teaser" of most classic iconic giant robot, "Tetsujin 28", ( Iron Man 28 / Gigantor ) which is created by Mitsuteru Yokoyam 横山光輝 in 60's. I am glad that we have chance to make a CG animation test on that. I like giant robot and i really want to make a robot movie after we created Zentrix. We are going to share with public by put it on a website soon. Here is one of screenshot. : )

more infomation on Wikipedia: Tetsujin28-go, Giagantor, 鉄人28号

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see new imagi Tetsujin 28 teaser here


S-Ho said...


Anonymous said...

I would so love to see an animated Ironman 28. The whole sub-genre of robot anime about giant robots started here. Very nostalgic stuff.

AL said...

Hi Felix

Cool! Is Imagi officially planning to develop a Gigantor movie or is this a proof of concept and nothing is certain yet?

Anonymous said...

It looks a lot like The Iron Giant (1999 film)

Ninjatron said...

Would LOVE to see Tetsujin as an Imagi movie. I'm sure it would be great!
Of course, there are MANY other classic anime franchises I'd like to see as well! Cyborg 009 comes to mind.


Steve Talkowski said...

I am simply DROOLING over that Black Ox VS Tetsujin 28 match up! Any chance on making a higher resolution version available? Would make an awesome desktop wallpaper for my 30" Apple Cinema Display. ;)

I hope this project becomes a reality!

felix ip said...

Hi Steve, will launch the T28 website on coming friday, 09 Jan. You can have high res image for wallpaper and more choices.(more Black OX!!)
I will update everyone in my blog.

Patrick Awa said...

These are so awesome and really cleverly redesigned. You rock, Felix.

I actually might have something slightly related with this style that I would like your opinion on.

felix ip said...

thanksss Patrick. i would love to see that!! hey man, pls keep coming up new gman designs!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Ip,
Found out about all this some mere weeks ago. Viewed trailer, thought mecha/ robot designs were great. Would have made excellent film to celebrate 50 year anniversary of "Tetsujin 28" had it gone to root earlier before ASTROBOY production.
But am confused as to why "wristwatch" is seen opposed to vs "classic control box" for guiding T28 in teaser. Also aware that this is not an actual production in progress, production designs not wholly final, but is amazing start.
Imagawa 2004 tv series had great storyline. Hoping you're conscious of producing just as excellent story and structure for your T28 possible future production.

Good luck,
Maxwell Conton

felix ip said...

hello Maxwell, thank you for your comment. You are right, this is not a actual production, I treat it as a marketing test: to test about the degree of acceptable of changes, the look, tone and the style. I got lots of good note from outside. Actually we respect the original design a lot, as a test we try to push to the limited and do some crazy thing. For instance, we have tried many idea to upgrade/modernize the control box and finally we borrow/cross over the "Control Watch" concept from "Giant Robot" which is created by same creator Mitsuteru Yokoyam.
For the character design, we try to make him looks like Harry Porter, but it doesn't work very well, I think he turns out is way more realistic than we expect. Anyway, we got lots of good note that is very useful for the future development, thanks again for watching the teaser and giving us comment, much appreciate :)

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