Saturday, November 21, 2009

TBS 11th Digicon 6

Create your Dreams!
I was invited by 11th TBS DigiCon6 as a HK representative to give a speech to introduce AstroBoy, I talked about some of making of and development of AstroBoy design. This is really a great trip which is totally out of my expectation. I learned a lit and meet some friends. TBS DigiCon6 is an annual animation competition for Asia organized by Japanese TV. Their goal is to invites digital content creators, both professional and amateur, to create their original work. that we have to support! This year they got 2741 submitted animation works from 8 regions on Asia includes: Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia & Korea. It is very encouraging that 2 Hong Kong animation won the Encouragement Award this year and actually Hong Kong won the grand prize last year.

At the forum, each region talked about the animation development and how the government support, I felt so shame that our government gave the least support compared with other regions...

《Time To Say Goodbye》QiQihar Int'l Ltd(香港)

《Such Is Life》Emily

11th DigiCon6
Award List
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