Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gathaman Illustration of "Capcom vs Tatsunoko"


Kena said...

Dear Felix:

Thanks to your "1840" Art Book.I love it very much. I've post a short introduction about this book on my Blog, you are welcome to take a look and give some comments.

Thanks again

Best wishes


☆╰1840-From Felix Ip (CnA, the Creative and Art Team behind Imagi)

felix ip said...

Dear Kena, Thank you for the introduction about the book. I haven't introduced here yet, coming soon.

Alan said...

Hi Felix:
我已在年初知道1840的消息,直到見到你倆的留言才知原來這本1840早已經出版(比我想像中還要精緻)。真期待自己可以買到這本art book。

felix ip said...

Hi Alan, 今回印量不多,因此沒有發行書局。如你想講買可以郵購。詳情我稍後會在blog通知大家。謝謝支持!

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