Saturday, March 27, 2010

NTT Gatchaman Design

Here are some NTT Gatchaman design:

G5, Galactor, Katse and Phoenix

color version
Thanks for Philip share these images for us!!


Anonymous said...

sorry for that. Want to ask do you have a wallpaper about this version gatchaman?? sorry for my poor english

felix ip said...

Sorry, I don't have the wallpaper of these Gatchaman version. Actually there are no wallpaper was made for this version.

Anonymous said...

Hey Felix, can I use these Images for the NTT Gatchaman page on Gatchaman wiki?

I'm trying to collect data on this part of the franchise's history. Know anyone who could help?

- Aldo the Fox

felix ip said...

Please go ahead. copyright@ tatsunoko

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