Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Art of Astro Boy 02

Here is the art of Astro Boy round 2. I would like to introduce concept artist Scott Setto, he did most of vehicles design for the movie such as Tenma Limo, Elefun's Car, President Stone's Command ship and the Spirit of Freedom which shut down Astro to Surface in the end of act 1. He has a habit to draw the thumbnails on Post-it, and stick on the board, I found this is very interesting.

Dr. Tenma's Limo

You may never aware this Hood Ornament in the movie, still gave lot of love oh the desigm

Dr. Elefun's Car
Director wanted something like VW Beetle style, this is how it come up.

See the stickers at the top right.
His thumbnails on Post-it

President Stone's Command Ship

The basic form and shape was used inspired from a favorite Japanese Painter and Sculpture, Noguchi. You may recognize that :P The above is just part of his works, you can see more his works on Astro Boy movie in his blog. © copyright Imagi Studios

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