Friday, July 09, 2010

【Sanger y Acero】 ACG Project

It's time to give my friends here a quick update on what I'd been doing after leaving Imagi Studios. I joined a new studio called Unicorn Studios which was set up in the beginning of 2010 by former founder and chairman of IMAGI, Francis Kao. Unicorn plans to develop transmedia entertainment properties spanning the worlds of graphic novels, comics, video games, and animation. Its first creative undertaking is based on a series of martial arts novels called Sanger y Acero (武 道狂之詩 or Blood and Steel) from acclaimed Hong Kong author Jozev (喬 靖夫). Please see the details in Unicorn Studio's Press release in Jan

So I and my team has been working on the characters design and comic development for the Novel in the last few months. I am a BIG FAN of Jozev (Yes, I am!!) since long long time ago, I always like to draw and visualize the cool characters from his novel. To develop the characters and comic are challenging tasks, yet the process is so enjoyable and we are having a lots of fun. I will share more with you here in the future.

The comic is still under development and production- as we always want to make it better- it might take a bit more time before meeting the readers. Although the release date is still to be determine, we will revil some of the charactes design and give away souvenirs (poster, leaflet, Bookmarks) in the upcoming HK Bookfairs. Here is the sneak peek of the leaflet.

BTW, The Unicorn Studios Official Website is still under development, it will coming soon. I will post more artworks in the next few days.


Ninjatron said...

AWESOME update Felix!
I look forward to seeing more from Unicorn and hope that what you are doing will make its way around the world.


Anonymous said...

These are awesome, felix!! Steve

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