Thursday, March 15, 2007

Brett Feeney Joints imagi

奧斯卡最佳動畫Happy Feet製作工公司Animal Logic的CG Supvisor(數碼主管) 已加入imagi為製作副總裁他將會以香港為基地 , 加強 imagi 的製作能力.... 預備每八個月製作一套電腦動畫電影情請可到imagi官網的"News"

相信來年又會有新景象 !


HONG KONG -- Brett Feeney has joined "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" animation house Imagi as VP of production. His credits include 3D effects supervision on "The Matrix Reloaded" and digital effects on Oscar-winning "Happy Feet."

Feeney, who joins from Sydney-based Animal Logic, will be responsible for managing Imagi's animation production line which includes 400 artists, animators and technicians.

Imagi, which is listed on the Hong Kong stock market and has offices in Hong Kong and LA, sees its first major theatrical picture "TMNT" released at the end of the month through Warner Bros and The Weinstein Co.

"Our next major milestone will be to upgrade our production capacity so that we can start delivering a film every eight months and Brett Feeney will head that initiative," Imagi founder and co-CEO, Francis Kao said.

Feeney's first assignment will be to ready operations for the firm's next two pictures "Gatchaman" and "Astro Boy," which are skedded for release in late 2008 and early 2009 respectively.


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"VP" of production, how is the "P"

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HAHA~令人振奮呀:D 期待呢翻新景象^^


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