Sunday, March 04, 2007

Exclusive Video Interview: Kevin Munroe Reveals the Turtles

More WonderCon coverage for you here! Writer/Director Kevin Munroe, hot off of TMNT, was on hand to promote the heroes in a half shell up in San Francisco this weekend and the IESB sat down to talk with him.
Munroe revealed which voice over actors were cast as the famous ninja turtles including James Arnold Taylor, aka Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: Clone Wars, as the voice of Leonardo.

Long ago, a Sensei counseled a grief stricken boy as his older brother prepared to leave for battle. He said, "child, why do you cry? You're both part of a family and a family is a bond that cannot be broken by war, by stife, by force or neglect. And more importantly, you are brothers, and brothers you shall remain despite time, argument and even distance." Master Splinter TMNT 2007

There is no doubt in my mind that Kevin Munroe has a gem with TMNT. He gets it, he's one of us, he is a geek.

Written by Stephanie Sanchez Saturday, 03 March 2007
Click here for IESB's exclusive video interview with Kevin Munroe.

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