Saturday, September 22, 2007

Paul Dini Scripting “GATCHAMAN”

Hong Kong (September 21, 2007)– Paul Dini has been signed to collaborate on the screenplay for Imagi Animation Studios’ upcoming CG animated motion picture, Gatchaman. Announcement was made by Francis Kao, Co CEO & Chief Creative Officer. “ We are excited to have Paul on our talented Gatchaman team,” said Kao. “His extensive background in animation and superhero comics will contribute greatly to this ambitious action movie.”

“The original series was one of the classics of early anime, and the film will be very true to the Japanese source material,” said Dini. “As a studio, Imagi is constantly breaking the boundaries of animated adventure. Not only are their action sequences amazing, but their characters are driven, complex and play for life or death stakes. It’s a great environment for a writer with a rather dark take on animation.”

電影編導Paul Dini 的事業橫跨動畫《蝙蝠俠:動畫系列》、電視《迷》及漫畫《Detective, The World’s Greatest Superheroes》。 他是Emmy、Eisner and Writers Guild of America Awards 的多次獲獎者。Dini 現在亦是 DC Comics 2007 每星期系列《Countdown 》的策劃人。他的創作 Jingle Belle and Mutant,Texas 依舊常常出現於 Dark Horse、 Oni Press 以及其他刊物。Dini與他的妻子─魔術師Misty Lee,一起推出一個以他們創作的木偶Little Rashy為主角並廣受歡迎的互聯網短片。
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簡單一句: Paul比Kamen更了解Superhero的世界,更加掌握 Gatchaman...

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