Saturday, September 15, 2007

Q&A with Director on Gatchaman

There is an Exclusive interview of Director Kevin Munroe on Gatchaman, please go to imagi website, click "What's New" at the main page.
Gatchaman 導演 Kevin Munroe 的最新獨家訪問。
"What's New".


Johannes said...

Nice interview. So when can we expect to see the first footage, like a teaser trailer or something?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Johannes (of course) also I want to say Please don't use Motion Capture for this film. Cause in the End you will have to clean up the mocap animation anyway. Also if you don't use motion capture, do you know how much respect and attention will come to Imagi??? By the Way My name is Andrew. I'm an aspiring Modeler/animator. I've always wanted to do 3d animated shorts or films that involved action, action, action, Thats Why I love what you guys are doing at Imagi and Gatchaman is the Film I'm waiting for. (also I don't have a blog)

felixip said...

Not that fast, i'm afraid you have to wait for a while. I am sure you will love the Gatchaman suit design!
Be patient...*&*

Thank you very much for your support, that is the biggest encouragement for us. Personally i love action a lot, and don't worry there will be not any mocap, all hand-animated. The animation team is trying to apply more japanese pose to pose animation elements into the movie. That's really awesome!

thanks again Johannes and Andrew, keep coming back here, i will post the latest news on Gatchaman.

Anonymous said...

Hey Felix, this is Andrew again and I have a few question for you guys... I was wondering if you guys use zbrush for any of your 3dmodels? and if the models (the main characters atleast)are in Finalized form? I know I won't get to see them but are they finished and approved??? Like what phase are you guys in on character design?

felixip said...

Hey Andrew, we don't use Zbush for modeling, only maya. Some of the main characters are approved and in the surfacing stage right now. Most of main characters are almost done. They are really cool!!!

Anonymous said...

How long does the surfacing stage take on a normal time span?? Like do you guys do UV Layout and such??? curious to know how long that stage takes...its cool to hear how the majors do it...


While you're finishing up the models how do you get the animations done???

well Later

felixip said...

Hi Andrew, Usually we take around a month for main character surfacing which include the hair.
Animation will start when the rigging is done, but stand-in model with rough rigged with be used for animation test.

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