Monday, October 01, 2007

Reebok x Voltron

Reebok Voltron Lion Force Pack
Reebok is going strong this year with many different releases and here is a preview of their latest project. Their latest series is the Voltron Lion Force Pack which consist of five different shoes that is inspired by an early eighties Japanese animation called Voltron. All the colorways of the shoes in this pack are inspired by a character in this animation and the materials used are mainly patent leather and leather. Animation inspired sneakers just might be the new thing as Nike will be dropping the Transformers Air Trainer III and now Reebok with these. Watch for these Voltron sneakers to drop this Fall in October.
Voltron is of course one of the better cartoons / toy lines from the 80’s and if you’re unfamiliar with the show then please just move along because these sneaks won’t interest you. For the rest of us each pair in this line is colored and patterned according to each of the 5 lions in the cartoon. The shoes include the Court Victory for the black lion, the Pump Omni Lite for the yellow lion, the Ventilator for the blue lion, the ERS Racer for the green lion and the Insta Pump Fury for the red lion. It’s also rumored that each pair will include the corresponding figure basically forcing nostalgic collectors to buy each one in order to complete their Voltron collection. (Optionally you can just grab the Voltron 20th Anniversary Masterpiece Edition like yours truly recently received for his birthday.)

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