Friday, April 10, 2009

Alex Ross's Gatchaman Illustration

Alex Ross is a very famous at the comic industry, he is s an American comic book painter, illustrator and plotter, acclaimed for the photorealism of his work. wiki
there are two works i love the most:
1. Kingdom Comes
2. Paintings for Gatchaman DVD
Alex Ross's Gatchaman illustration played a very improtant role to re-introduce Gatchaman to US, his traditional watercolor style perfectly match the retro feeling of Gatchaman. I try to put them together to share with you as below:

The above Gatchaman painting for the first Collectors Box was produced by Alex Ross (Kingdom Come, Marvels) , and Ross's artwork adorns each of the 18 individual DVD releases in 2005
“I'm really glad to be part of this project,” said Alex Ross, who may well be America's #1 Gatchaman fan. “Battle of the Planets was a strong influence on my career. The great character designs, the epic scope of the storylines, the team concept – it's all there. But the original Gatchaman has so much more to it that got cut out of the American broadcast version. There's the violence, of course, which was toned down a lot. But also the characters were richer, and the way they interacted with each other wasn't so black and white. I think fans seeing Gatchaman for the first time may be surprised just how over the top it is!”

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