Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Making of PlayStation

above you see the development of PS logo, I always interest to see any "the making of" stuffs, where is the original idea and how thge final design was developed etc. Edge Magazine has an retrospective up for the PlayStation, from its early break with Nintendo to its current struggles to for market share; cool logo and controller prototypes, etc. a interesting article.
Read the full article at edge-online


Matthew said...

Felix, do you own any video game consoles, and if so, what games do you play on them?

felix ip said...

hi Matthew, I have xbox and PS2 only... actually not much time to play, i can only play at long holiday. I finished all "Call of Duty" and "Ace Combat" series, i am playing "H.a.w.x" now. start "fallout 3" a little bit (that take too much time)

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