Saturday, April 18, 2009

Giant Beetle Robot

This giant beetle robot named "Kabutom MX-03" was designed and built by a Japanese engineer, Takahashi in Ibaraki. He has taken his robotics hobby to the extreme and created a giant beetle mech that can be seen in the video above. This is no small project; with the final mech measuring 11 meters in length and weighing 15 tons. It has taken engineer Takahashi-san 11 years to complete as he started building it in 1998.

The actual design is based on a rhinoceros beetle and is remote controlled meaning Takahashi-san could recreate one of the many “giant creature attacks city” type films if he so wished. From watching the video though, the slow, limited movement of the machine would make it easy to overpower. It does have a large interior space though, making it viable as a transportation device; albeit for a very slow journey.

This is amazing, isn't it? You should have a great passion and a lot of enthusiasm to continue. I admire him!

Read more at CrunchGear and AltJapan, more pictures are also available at the Japanese Home Design Weblog

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