Thursday, February 03, 2011

Another Ugly Knockoff Gundam Statue?

A short while ago, a Chinese amusement park that was building a colossal 59-foot Gundam robot statue, as part of an attraction. The rip-off caused such a splash that mass media in Japan (and the world) started reporting about it, which then made the Chinese theme park responsible remove their statue2 weeks after they built it. In fact, it was reported that Bandai in Japan took some legal action.
You can see and compare the "2 Gundam Statue", I can't understand why they choose that urgly Gold/yellow as a main color....

A few weeks passed, you can't imagine that the new statue is now back again – and it’s even uglier than before... just more look like Gouf with fusion of other robots. Maybe they don't want to waste any materials, that's why they use the same ugly orange again... Shamed.

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