Friday, February 25, 2011

Blood and Steel Graphic Novel, coming soon!

東立出版《武道狂之詩》漫畫!! Tong Li Publishing will publish Blood and Steel Graphic Novel which adapteded from a famous martial art novel and we've been working for a long time after the AstroBoy CG movie project!!

"The first in a series of graphic novels based on celebrated Hong Kong author Jozev’s best-selling series of martial arts novels Blood and Steel will debut on 15 April 2011. The graphic novels will be released by Unicorn Studios and Tong Li Publishihing Group. The Graphic novels are created and produced by Unicorn Studios. They were adapted from the original novels by Toe Yuen, a veteran animation director, in consultation with Jozev. The entire project is under the creative direction of Unicorn Studios’ creative chief, Felix Ip, formerly creative director of Imagi Studios. Tong Li Publishing Group, will handle publishing and distribution."

You can check the details from the press release at the official website of Unicorn Studios and Tong Li Publishing Group.
Above: the drawings from chapter 1.

I will share more pictures about our Graphics Novel. You can read more in Chinese at my another blog: all about Blood and Steel production.
Offical website of Blood and Steel Graphic Novel


AL said...

Even though I can't read Chinese, I still want to buy a copy of the graphic novel for the artwork. Hopefully, this comic will find a US publisher too. Maybe Darkhorse comics will pick it up.

Patrick Awa said...
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Patrick Awa said...

Yay, congratulations Felix!!!
As AL said on the comment above, it would be very cool if this could find a US publisher too.
I will look forward it to come out, Regardless.
Looking great!

felix ip said...

Thanks AL and Patrick.
Actually we are think about that, we are looking for good translator for English version. There is not of special terms from Chinese martial art which is difficult to translate... Keep you guys update about that.

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